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    • A Dos and Don’ts Guide to Finding Business Partners

      Some of the most common questions I receive from the SPI audience are about the legal aspect of starting a business. Although I’ve had my fair share of legal-related experiences (both positive and negative) since starting my business, I also know that I don’t know everything and need someone in my corner who does. That’s why I’ve been working with Richard A. Chapo from SoCalInternetLawyer.

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  • 3 Tiny Shifts That Made a Huge Difference in My Business

    …, the effect is massive over a relatively short period of time. If you started with a two-inch domino, for example, the one seventy-three dominoes later would reach from the earth to the moon! In my experience, sometimes it’s the smallest tweaks or shifts that can make the most dramatic difference in my business over time. Here are three tiny…

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  • 5 Reasons Why It Took 5 Years to Build My Team

    … For the first five years after starting my online business, I did about 99 percent of the work on my own. There were a few one-off projects here and there that I had help with, such as getting voiceover work done for my study guide at (which I actually did try to do on my own at first), but beyond that, it was all me. I…

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  • Don’t Be Your Own Boss. Be the CEO.

    … I used to think that, as an entrepreneur, being your own boss and being the CEO of your own company were the same thing. I was wrong. By definition, the CEO, or Chief Executive Officer, is someone who is the most senior corporate officer in charge of managing an organization. Depending on the legal structure of the company, the CEO also…

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