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  • Inside Firepole: What We Learned From Our Biggest Product Launch Yet

    … pocket for when your business is a lot bigger. Being Married to Your Ideas As a content creator, what you think matters. It really does. You have a lot of choices to make about what to present when, and how – and it’s your job to make those decisions. But you don’t get the final word. And your boss, if you have one, doesn’t have the final word. Only…

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  • CEI 104: Building Your Quiet Power Strategy with Tara Gentile

    … favorite podcast guests. Today, Tara’s sitting down with Danny to talk about how using the Quiet Power Strategy allows entrepreneurs to leverage what they’re already good at instead of getting distracted by the things they “should” be doing. Ready to dive in? All you have to do is click the play button below. Podcast runtime: 21 min 14 seconds…

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  • CEI 103: Going Away on Business Retreats with Danny Iny

    … Sometimes, you just need to get away. In a professional setting like running your own business, this often means going on a retreat. A business retreat is a great time for your team to connect with each other, think about big picture strategy and refresh and recharge themselves for the work ahead. Firepole Marketing has gone on retreat twice…

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  • CEI 101: The Cutting Edge of Indie Publishing with Sean Platt

    … If you are new to our podcast, you may also be new to Sean Platt, the author of Write. Publish. Repeat. Sean is also our most interviewed guest on the show, and it’s not hard to see why! Not only does Sean run a successful online business, he’s also a successful online author and self-publisher. Today, Danny catches up with Sean to talk about…

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  • Premium Business Clients: A Failproof Way To Double Your Revenue in 2015

    … As we turn the page on our calendar, you may notice that 2015 is right around the corner. If you’re like me, you’re probably thinking “Where did the year go?!” You’re probably also thinking about how your business did this year, and what changes you’d like to make next year. So, how did your revenue for this year look? How close did you come…

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  • CEI 098: Pivoting Your Business with Melissa Anzman

    … button below. Podcast runtime: 21 min 49 seconds | Transcript Key Points At 4:08 - Melissa built her business based largely on word-of-mouth referrals. So the question is: how? How did Melissa successfully build a word of mouth referral network, and how did she transition from helping people for free to getting paid work? At 10:53 – Pivoting…

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  • From Solopreneur To Company: How To Scale Up Your Organization

    … If your business isn’t growing, it’s dying. So says conventional wisdom. But every year, thousands of entrepreneurs prove that trope false. Their businesses, although not growing, are perfectly profitable. And as long as the money keeps flowing, those entrepreneurs are content to keep doing what they’re good at. Yet there comes a time in many…

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