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  • 5 Ingredients to Creating the Right Business Model

    … loans, you need to answer various questions, such as how you will pay them back and what you will use as collateral. Also, calculate the possible returns on your investment. Starting any business is risky, but proper planning can greatly reduce risk. You need to determine your growth potential and exactly how you will achieve that growth. Make…

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  • “F” Words That Can Increase Your Business Growth: Series Part #1

    …, then I’ve done very well. Here’s the point: Before investing into your next marketing strategy, try and make use of the “FREE PRODUCT” angle. It’s something I suggest you try once so you know what kinds of results are obtained. Make sure it’s relevant to your blog and you have a tool in place to track statistics. How To Make 6-Figure Monthly Online Income! Download John Chow’s New eBook!…

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  • How to Grow Your Small Business

    …, and continue on its path of financial achievement. Small Business Growth There are many tools you can use to grow your small business. You can: Open a new location. Form an alliance or merge with a similar business. Diversify the products or services you sell. Target new markets. Expand globally. Make a bigger online presence for your…

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  • Are You Looking at the Best Marketing Metrics?

    …-centric, business-centric goals—and channel marketers should be using their campaign- and channel-level metrics to set themselves up to achieve those higher level goals. The year is still young. It’s not too late to revisit your key performance indicators for 2015 and re-orientate them around the customer and business metrics that really matter, and avoid prioritizing metrics like opens, clicks, and list growth that can undermine top-line performance. Let’s get everyone focused on the same goals. …

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  • 10 Smart Things to Do When Writing and Updating Your Business Plan

    … This is the sixth blog post in a series by Hal Shelton, SCORE small business mentor and author of The Secrets to Writing a Successful Business Plan. You can read his previous posts for Constant Contact here. Over the last few months, I’ve discussed a number of different ways you can set yourself up for success when writing a business plan…

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  • 7 Critical Business Plan Mistakes You Need to Avoid

    … This is the fifth blog post in a series by Hal Shelton, SCORE small business mentor and author of The Secrets to Writing a Successful Business Plan. In the previous installments, we looked at “4 Sections Every Business Plan Must Have (and Why They’re Important),” “Why You Need a Business Plan (and the Best Style for You),” “When Is a Good Time…

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  • Why Saying ‘No’ Can Be Good For Business

    … actually as proud of the things we haven’t done as the things I have done. Innovation is saying no to 1,000 things.” When Project Runway contestants go overboard on design ideas they just get scorned by the judges and perhaps lose their chance at the grand prize. In any case, the “punishment” is over quickly. When small business owners are unable…

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