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  • You’ve Got Texts: How Texting Can Help Grow Your Business

    … Most entrepreneurs would do almost anything to get the word out about their businesses. Running your own company is more than a job—it’s a passion. It’s a dream come true. But it’s also a lot of work. The hype behind social media marketing and email marketing is real, despite the unfortunate truth that not everyone knows how to utilize those…

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  • Why Biz Dev Teams Should Use an Affiliate Marketing Framework

    …. While this approach may appear cost-effective, companies taking such a manual approach to biz dev leave money on the table. By using an affiliate marketing model, businesses can create scalable strategies and capture more biz dev and partnership opportunities without reinventing the wheel each time. The transition from traditional biz dev to affiliate…

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  • Why MarTech is a Strategic Imperative for Business Growth

    …, analyse marketing data in real-time, and automate their marketing to drive conversions, productivity and ROI up, while lowering costs, time and inefficiencies. That’s what we’re going to talk more about in this article – how marketing technology helps brands to grow, while generating tangible business value. Agile Marketing means better ROI Most…

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  • 5 Hacks for Increasing Traffic to Your E-Commerce Site

    … Traffic and Your Online Store Traffic is important for any online store that’s looking to succeed. There’s just no arguing that. If you want your ecommerce site to do well, you need to receive a lot of traffic on a regular basis. This goal doesn’t have to be difficult or particularly time-consuming, however. Businesses that want increased…

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  • 5 Ingredients to Creating the Right Business Model

    … loans, you need to answer various questions, such as how you will pay them back and what you will use as collateral. Also, calculate the possible returns on your investment. Starting any business is risky, but proper planning can greatly reduce risk. You need to determine your growth potential and exactly how you will achieve that growth. Make…

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  • Bring Dreams to Life in One of These 10 Amazing Cities

    … via Wikimedia Commons Everybody has dreams. Don’t you have an image in your head of the career and life of your dreams? Maybe you would like to start your own business and build your own small empire. Maybe your idea of living the dream is a nice big home where you can raise a family. Perhaps you belong in a big city, or rural living might…

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