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    • Now Hiring! Comprehensive Hiring Advice for Your Local Business

      For local business owners, hiring is a very personal and often daunting thought. Your business is everything to you, so trusting someone else with the keys is a big stinking deal. Each new employee also has a significant potential for impacting your company’s culture and work atmosphere, as they represent a large percentage of your workforce.

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  • 4 Resolutions I'm Making In 2017 To Generate Revenue

    … just cares about money. I hope that's not the case. I used that title because Generating Revenue is the survival level need of any business. If I can generate revenue in my business, I can do many things to help people - I can give people jobs, I can invest in products and services to help my business perform and I can donate time and money…

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  • What My Best Friend Taught Me About Resilience

    … It's funny how life can change on a dime. Let me share an example with you. Last Friday, I took my chocolate labrador retriever, Kona, to the veterinarian. She had been limping for a few days and not putting weight on her right front foot. About 30 minutes into the appointment, I learned that she had an agressive bone cancer in her elbow…

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  • How to Determine Your Salary as a Small Business Owner

    … compensation Looking for more small business management advice? Check out some of Hal’s other posts on how to plan and run your business: How Much Cash Should a Small Business Have? 10 Smart Things to Do When Writing and Updating Your Business Plan 7 Critical Business Plan Mistakes You Need to Avoid How to Create a Nonprofit Business Plan…

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  • As A Marketing Exec, What Keeps You Up At Night?

    … clear to me that they've chosen suppliers and ad tech partners to support our business, with whom they seem so in sync; my agency and their mobile ad marketing partner, for example, are truly working hand in hand to help me innovate, execute and compete with the latest methods available. And finally, I've got not only data, but I've got insights…

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