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    • Vote Now For The 2017 Top 25 Influential PPC Experts!

      April 28, 2017 I know Hero Conf JUST happened and we are all getting back into the groove of things, but it is already that time of year. The time to recognize those PPC experts that you love following on Twitter, are always attending their webinars, and feel your mind explode with awesome knowledge anytime you see them speak.

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    • 4 Tips For Supporting A PPC Account Team

      April 27, 2017 As the digital marketing industry grows with new updates, platforms, tools, and thought processes, it’s natural for many accounts to: Expand their reach Refine more sophisticated strategies Develop new complexities This continual evolution of PPC combined with potential shifts or expansions of business goals can ultimately make it challenging for a single person to manage.

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  • Interviewer Tips: Insights For Building A Strong PPC Team

    … April 4, 2017 In my current role as Director of Services for Hanapin Marketing, one of the key challenges I face is interviewing potential candidates for various PPC jobs. Hiring is critical because as the saying goes “get the people right and everything else takes care of itself.” Consequently, hiring the wrong people leads to negative…

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  • 10 Traits Of A Successful PPC Account Manager: A Client Services View

    … of the business. They look at their client’s business as their business. Not only do they say “our account” when referring to performance in the account, they take on the responsibility of success or failure. They are personally connected to the performance of an account, sometimes to a fault. Successful PPC account managers are very responsive, even…

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  • Happy 10 Year Anniversary PPC Hero

    … March 12, 2017 It’s hard to believe, but today is our 10th anniversary! 10 years ago today, John Lee wrote our first ever post, introducing everyone to “PPC Hero, the one-stop blog for all things pay-per-click!” In this post, we laid out our goal: To educate the world on the basic techniques and finer skills of successful pay-per-click…

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  • 3 Ways PPC Ads Trump Super Bowl Ads

    … and the halftime show varies depending on your crowd and the teams, I would say most of us enjoy numbers four and five every single year. While I could blog all day about food, this is a PPC blog, so I’m going to discuss number four instead. The ads are usually either very funny or very sentimental, which we can all appreciate. I’ll be the first…

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  • What PPC Problem Are You Fighting?

    … industry is amazing because we help each other. I’ve never seen a group of competitors work so hard to find each other answers and share experiences. 2) Knowing what problems are on people’s minds will help us write better content that addresses trends. 3) In the long run, a strong community of folks engaged with PPC Hero will lead to a larger, and continuously more fun, Hero Conf. 4) Helping people energizes me. To win at the business problems I work on all day, I need all the energy I can get! …

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  • How AI Is Shaping The Future Of PPC – Hero Conf London Takeaways

    … other speakers then followed up with more specific predictions related to the future of mobile, video, and other PPC categories. Based on those speakers’ presentations and predictions, I came to one overarching hypothesis – future consumer expectations of businesses are being molded based on present-day interactions with artificial intelligence (AI…

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  • 3 Steps For A Stress-Free Vacation From PPC

    …. Even if it is an unexpected leave, someone should address your departure with your client and let them know the plan during the time you are gone. This leads to the second step. Follow these 3 steps to ensure a stress-free vacation from your PPC accounts. Click To Tweet 2) Create A Plan Put together a structured plan of what will be happening…

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  • 4 Tips To Survive An Account Manager Change

    … September 16, 2016 Have you ever received a call or email from your agency that you will be getting a new account manager? The thought could be frightening, especially if you LOVE your current AM. After you take a deep breath and realize life will go on, keep in mind the 4 points outlined below to help you transition. 1) The Agency Knows What…

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  • So You Want To Be An Industry Thought Leader? Here’s What To Do

    … to learn and work on their craft during off hours and would say they legitimately enjoy what they do whether it happens during office hours or not. With this mentality in mind, there are initiatives you can take to get your thoughts out to the public and begin having people look to you for industry knowledge and opinions. Spend At Least 10…

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  • How To Make A Good Account Manager Assignment

    … September 7, 2016 One of my key responsibilities is assigning new accounts to team members. Account manager assignments are the first critical decision made on behalf of an account. Making a good account assignment instills confidence and positively demonstrates to clients an ability to make solid decisions. On the flip side, a poorly conceived…

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  • 5 Personal Feelings You Need To Stop Letting Negatively Impact Your PPC Management

    … August 31, 2016 As PPC nerds, we continuously find ways to bring PPC into our daily lives outside of work. We break baseball down into a game of stats and metrics, try to find the quickest path to the goal completion of everyday chores, and even try to guess the CPM of TV ads during an episode of The Walking Dead. In the same way we bring…

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  • 3 Questions You Need To Answer Before Beginning Paid Advertising

    … to focus on all metrics all of the time. However, as true as it was before, every business is different. If you are building your sales pipeline, then you would focus on conversions. If you are on online retailer, you would focus on sales. It is also OK to adjust goals as you further flush out your strategy. Final Thoughts Getting started in PPC…

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  • 4 Ways Clients Can Better Help Their Agencies

    … August 12, 2016 You have picked the agency you think will take your PPC accounts to a new level. You are ready for the next steps and the excitement is real. How do you make sure you get the most out of the relationship you are starting? By following these 4 tips, you can be confident you are doing everything in your power to be a good client…

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