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    • 3 Ways PPC Ads Trump Super Bowl Ads

      February 6, 2017 Anyone that watched the Super Bowl watched for at least one of the following reasons: They hoped to see their favorite team win They hoped to see their rival team lose They wanted to see the halftime show They wanted to see the ads They showed up to a Super Bowl party for the free food While I think interest in football and the halftime show varies depending on your crowd a.

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    • What PPC Problem Are You Fighting?

      February 1, 2017 35% more content (First Round) will be created in 2017 than 2016, and we’re already choking. Annually, Hanapin creates ~425 pieces of content on Paid Search, Paid Social, Conversion Rate Optimization, Shopping, and Display. Multiply that by the more than 10,000 digital agencies in the US (Statista & AAAA), and assume they aren’t all creating as much as w ...

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  • How AI Is Shaping The Future Of PPC – Hero Conf London Takeaways

    … other speakers then followed up with more specific predictions related to the future of mobile, video, and other PPC categories. Based on those speakers’ presentations and predictions, I came to one overarching hypothesis – future consumer expectations of businesses are being molded based on present-day interactions with artificial intelligence (AI…

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  • 3 Steps For A Stress-Free Vacation From PPC

    …. Even if it is an unexpected leave, someone should address your departure with your client and let them know the plan during the time you are gone. This leads to the second step. Follow these 3 steps to ensure a stress-free vacation from your PPC accounts. Click To Tweet 2) Create A Plan Put together a structured plan of what will be happening…

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  • 4 Tips To Survive An Account Manager Change

    … September 16, 2016 Have you ever received a call or email from your agency that you will be getting a new account manager? The thought could be frightening, especially if you LOVE your current AM. After you take a deep breath and realize life will go on, keep in mind the 4 points outlined below to help you transition. 1) The Agency Knows What…

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  • So You Want To Be An Industry Thought Leader? Here’s What To Do

    … September 14, 2016 In any industry, there are people we look up to because we believe they are the best of the best at what they do. These are the people we turn to when industry news breaks or to educate us about how we can be better at our jobs. In short, these industry thought leaders are who we try to emulate. The truth is that it takes…

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  • How To Make A Good Account Manager Assignment

    … and ascribe to is called ‘capacity and best fit.’ Capacity is important because assigning new work to someone who can’t take it on will lead to failure. Best fit is important because account management is about building relationships with clients. I’ve witnessed numerous instances where a highly skilled account manager is unable to ‘click…

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  • 5 Personal Feelings You Need To Stop Letting Negatively Impact Your PPC Management

    … August 31, 2016 As PPC nerds, we continuously find ways to bring PPC into our daily lives outside of work. We break baseball down into a game of stats and metrics, try to find the quickest path to the goal completion of everyday chores, and even try to guess the CPM of TV ads during an episode of The Walking Dead. In the same way we bring…

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  • 3 Questions You Need To Answer Before Beginning Paid Advertising

    … to focus on all metrics all of the time. However, as true as it was before, every business is different. If you are building your sales pipeline, then you would focus on conversions. If you are on online retailer, you would focus on sales. It is also OK to adjust goals as you further flush out your strategy. Final Thoughts Getting started in PPC…

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  • 4 Ways Clients Can Better Help Their Agencies

    … August 12, 2016 You have picked the agency you think will take your PPC accounts to a new level. You are ready for the next steps and the excitement is real. How do you make sure you get the most out of the relationship you are starting? By following these 4 tips, you can be confident you are doing everything in your power to be a good client…

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  • 4 Common Questions Prospects Ask Me During The Sales Process

    … And Bing, What Platform Would You Suggest Testing Next? This is one question I get fairly often and it typically gets answered the deeper we get into conversation. Depending on the type of PPC campaign we’re running (lead generation, ecommerce, etc.) and where their target market lives determines which platform(s) makes the most sense. I typically…

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  • Do Standing Desks Really Improve Your Work Experience?

    … July 11, 2016 When I started in Paid Search 4 years ago I was in for a shock. Not because I didn’t know anything about Paid Search (which I didn’t) or that I was working in an office for the first time in my life (I was in outside sales for 18 years). It was all the sitting I was doing. At least 8 hours a day. Don’t get me wrong. I got up…

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  • How PPC Provides Competitive Insights To Organizations

    … The problem many marketing managers experience when making the case for paid search is proving sufficient value and potential return for a business. Pay-per-click advertising is very technical and, therefore, easy to become lost “in the weeds” at the expense of educating leadership on its strategic benefits. Here is one strategic benefit…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Hiring A PPC Agency Or Traditional Agency To Manage Your PPC

    … that prospects are looking for when they want a generalist is actually a business consultant, someone who is trained in the art of business and management consulting and has a good financial background to help you make and think through those decisions. Client Request – “I Want Somebody Who Can Manage Both My PPC and SEO Because They’re Both Search” Pros…

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