Business Processes

A business process or business method is a collection of related, structured activities or tasks that produce a specific service or product (serve a particular goal) for a particular customer or customers. It often can be visualized with a flowchart as a sequence of activities with interleaving decision points or with a Process Matrix as a sequence of activities with relevance rules based on data in the process.
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  • Top 10 Technology, Economic, and Social Trends for 2015

    … tools, which it believes will drive long-term fundamental changes in business processes and structures. In addition, the U.S. economy for 2015 looks to be solid despite signs of a global slowdown, although economic uncertainty and a continued lack of job stability will spurn social shifts and changes in consumer behavior. Here are the top 10…

    Laura Monroe/ Dex Media- 14 readers -
  • Taking Yourself Out Of The Equation

    … your business processes down to a system, you can make it so that anyone with the proper training can do it. And when that’s the case, anyone with the proper training and knowledge can step in and do your job. This means you no longer have to do that job. Someone else can take care of it for you, and you can focus on the aspects of your business…

    Cloud Surfing Media- 6 readers -
  • How to Use WordPress Plugins to Streamline Your Business

    … the list? Is there an element of your business that needs streamlining that we didn’t cover? Please share your thoughts and recommendations in the comments. Tweet Tags: brian duffy, business blog, collect customer information, customer service plugin, ecommerce plugin, manage a webinar, webinar plugin, wordpress app, wordpress business tool, wordpress plugin, wordpress tool …

    Social Media Examinerin EMail Twitter Blogging How To's- 21 readers -
  • How Organic Search Has Transformed The Rules Of Business

    … altered the way music was packaged and sold. In a similar manner, online search is transforming conventional selling models. While Google is innovating at warp speed, the sales process of many businesses remains stuck in the 1990s, relying on outdated and ineffective strategies. Just think about how buyer behavior has changed in recent times. When you…

    Trond Lyngbø/ Search Engine Landin SEO How To's- 24 readers -
  • This Old Marketing – The Evolution Continues

    … as a prerequisite to starting a content marketing program, and Joe raved about Minecraft and its content marketing. A year later – Google+ is … well… complicated (at best). LinkedIn has, arguably, ramped up its publisher aspirations to such a point that it’s competing with business publications like The Wall Street Journal – and I rarely have the ROI…

    Robert Rose/ Content Marketing Institute- 10 readers -
  • Why Your 2015 Plan Needs To Include Data & Analytics Governance

    … across the organization is extremely important. Beginning with a simple yet comprehensive data dictionary is a good first step, and from there, translating the organization’s business objectives into the key performance indicators (KPIs) along with the metrics, dimensions, segments, and sources of each of those data points becomes an easier task…

    David Booth/ Marketing Land- 23 readers -
  • Create More Free Time with these Smart Automation Tools

    Too busy to exercise? Too caught up to take a lunch break? Too rushed to bother with a morning coffee? These and more such scenarios are staples in the lives and times of e-commerce business owners. Running an e-commerce business was meant to be easier than running a brick and mortar store, right? Why then are we so caught up with not a minute to spare? Why do we long for the ...

    Pratik Dholakiya/ Famous Bloggers- 14 readers -
  • Clicks, Customers, and Cashflow, Part Three: Profit

    … into your website, business processes, and economics. Businesses with “concrete” websites and sales processes (i.e. they can’t or won’t change them) or fixed budgets should not consider using this system to run AdWords campaigns. Show me the money! Does it work for everyone? No! Sometimes the economics and competitive marketplace make AdWords too…

    David Rothwell/ 3Q Digitalin Paid Search EMail Google- 6 readers -
  • Data Alone Won’t Guarantee Better Marketing Decisions

    … as in better-informed patients or better-informed consumers. Informed patients are able to make better-informed healthcare decisions. Informed consumers are able to make better-informed buying decisions. Humans Still Play A Role In Many Business Decisions With the exception of those automated business processes, many critical business decisions…

    Kaan Turnali/ iAcquirein Twitter- 10 readers -
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