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    • Three drastic marketing changes ahead for 2017

      By Mars Dorian, {grow} Contributing Columnist Since 2017 is about to knock on your screen, it’s important to reflect on your online strategies. For me, the past year has been a paradigm shift in how I treat my personal site and the social networks. I am going to jolt you today with my three most drastic marketing changes I have implemented to survive and thrive in the online world.

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    • A Day to remember our heroes

      Friday is Veterans Day, a time to remember the brave men and women who defended our country. We watched a movie called Hacksaw Ridge (video included) directed by Mel Gibson that featured a highly underestimated private that saved a great many men at Io Jima after a major battle there. Badly understated he would not carry a gun for personal reasons. But he p ...

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  • Being an Empathic Marketer in an Automated World

    … client has a start-up food business and focuses on manufacturing and sales. We spent hours in conversation as I listened to my client’s approach to the market. One piece of counsel I provided was that he had spent enough time listening to his end users. Did he understand how his product fit into the life of his customer? What practical (and emotional…

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  • 5 questions you should ask yourself every day before bed

    …-employer (if you think that’s a mouthful, wait until you see the German version). This ‘new’ caste of people are ones who use only a computer to conduct online business around the world and defy the regular schedule. With no physical boss breathing down my neck, my days drifted away from the daily, humane 9-to-5 routine and morphed into a mess…

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  • The One Thing That’s Better Than Knowing Your Customers

    … mentioned above. Yeah, knowing your customers is fantastic (and needed!). But knowing how they behave, well that’s the sweet spot. How Do Your Customers Behave? If you’ll recall, my journey with Mark and the {grow} blog started with a post about psychographics. Psychographics are thoughts, opinions, feelings, and behaviors. And behavior implies, “I…

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  • The Book that Saved my Life

    … on your face like you don’t have a care in the world.” I’m healthy and well know, smarts and strong. I still have some effects but I’m in great shape and content. That book saved my life. I hope it helps you too. Have you a story like this? Filed under: Accident, BtoB Marketing, Business relationships…

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  • The Art of Digital Marketing

    … computers. But what is lost and so important is story telling which is the key to marketing today. He shares the critical importance of telling good stories. “Marketing is the very human practice of telling stories.” In my opinion, Seth is very right. What do you think? Love your comments. Get IBM to link to my site too please. Filed under: b2b lead generation companies, BtoB Marketing, Business Marketing Association, Business relationships, Business Strategy…

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  • Collaborative Link Building: Tips and Tools for Working Better with Clients

    …, Google My Business optimisation, etc.), inbound link building – as Jono talks about in his post – is certainly the most challenging piece of the SEO puzzle. Whether you’re working with a small business and reporting directly to the business owner, or working with a larger company with a dedicated marketing department, there are different tools…

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  • Five ideas: Constructive engagement in destructive times

    … had always believed knowing as much as possible was the way to go, but there’s ‘wrong’ information. Most news businesses around the world depend on selling advertising space, and to achieve that, they need the most eyeballs. Which means they produce emotionally stirring snippets that hook the consumer without enlightening him. Good for them, bad…

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  • Should your content generate leads or relationships?

    … of authority through my content. This relationship approach has generated 100 percent of my business revenue for eight years. The implications for your content strategy Hubspot recently published an exhaustive analysis of how content quality and publishing rate affects their page views, leads and subscribers. It’s a complex article with more than…

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  • Looking for a job? Here are 8 reasons you need to blog

    … Have you ever considered the ways a blog can help you get a job? I meet a lot of young people entering the work force and I always recommend blogging as a way to get ahead … in almost any career. Here’s why: 1) Show what you’re made of. In any job interview, you normally have to try to convince people of what you know. In a blog, you can SHOW…

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  • The stress of authenticity and other reasons social media is exhausting

    … connecting with others emotionally and showing empathy. While I think both are important in business — and transparency seems to be all the rage — I struggle with authenticity at times. I, Brooke, am an extension of B Squared Media. So when I’m representing myself and my company online I’m constantly walking a tightrope of what’s expected, what’s…

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  • Pulling our pants down: Personal branding with Chris Brogan

    … of the people struggling in the online space are worried about protecting their secrets.” Personal branding is a system of building allies, not necessarily friends. Leadership on the web means shining the light on others, making them feel seen. Why personal branding means being more like “a king.” Empathy, judging others, haters, and the myth…

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  • 3 Social media lessons I learned from my painful hospital stay

    …, if you’re willing to learn. After days of complaining about my situation, my lack of web access and the inability to work, I put on my learning cap and tried to extract value from my painful stay. Below, I want to reveal the three major social media lessons I have learned from my hospital stay. 1) Ditch the digital debates This was Mad Mars from…

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  • Demanding Clients: How Far Should You Let Them Go?

    … and managed for you. We wish Dad would let us be the parent and manage Facebook content and ads, but Dad doesn’t want to give up control. There’s no use trying to educate Dad; he’s been in business longer, knows more, and really likes to stick it to us when we’re “bad.” As my grandma would say, “he needs a spanking all the way to town…

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  • Martin Lindstrom on instinct and competitive advantage

    …, all guiding the seeker to an answer. An instinct is the art of connecting thousands of impressions. One can’t consciously explain how all those dots were connected. They simply were. Some of the most powerful business leaders of all time share one thing. They trust in their instincts. Legendary instincts One example is Rupert Murdoch, who…

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