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    • 4 Non-Marketing Skills You Need to Become a Better Marketer

      By Kerry Gorgone, {grow} Contributing Columnist Marketing isn’t a department. It needs to be a way of life throughout your organization. Human Resources needs to market the company to prospective applicants. Product development must make a quality deliverable or marketing will prove impossible.

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    • How business strategy is being re-invented by social media

      By Mark Schaefer My friend Mitch Joel has been on a roll lately. I’ve always considered him one of the world’s great marketing bloggers but the quality of his thinking lately seems to have gone up a notch. If you don’t yet subscribe to his blog Six Pixels of Separation, you should! One of his recent posts inspired today’s topic … and it’s a juicy one: How social media is upe ...

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    • Are You Getting Stuck on Sticker Prices?

      Financial icon Warren Buffet (WIKI) likes to remind investors that the price of something is what you pay for it, while the value is what you get in return. That’s why it’s easy for something cheap can be more expensive in the long run. In fact, prioritizing short-term budgets almost always comes back to haunt you. I’ve seen this many times over the course of my career.

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  • 3 Important relationship lessons I’ve learned from offline businesses

    … three favorite local businesses. The interactions have changed the way I conduct my online business, and I hope they inspire you to do the same. 1) Even if your service is banal, you can make it meaningful I’m in love with the ‘Späti’ around my corner. It’s a family-run, kiosk-like shop that’s open 24 hours. In case you don’t know, Späti is German…

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  • Three ideas to end the social media poison

    … By Mars Dorian, {grow} Contributing Columnist Divisive politics span across the globe, robotization threatens to replace millions of workers, geo-conflicts throw people at each other. The future seems so uncertain. The present seems so … harsh. Flipping through your favorite news channels is starting to look like the billboard chart…

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  • The Secret to Getting Exactly What You Want (In Business)

    … By Brooke B. Sellas, {grow} Contributing Columnist Getting exactly what you want in life or in business seems next to impossible these days. I’m here to tell you, it’s not. I’ve noticed something lately as I’ve been trying to get my way. Tenacity pays off and so does data. Patience is also something to note. In our current society, where we…

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  • 3 Sources for Funding Your Start-Up in 2017

    … (HELOC) or a second mortgage. I’m personally not a big fan of this approach. First, it eliminates the necessity to pitch to VC’s and other experienced investors. Missing out on their advice and the benefits of subjecting your plan to the rigors of the capital raising process is a huge loss. Secondly, you’re funding a speculative business…

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  • 4 Ways Marketers Can Up Their Mental Game

    … selling. 4) Know that advantage is overstated. Clients often focus on competitors. “They’re budget is bigger.” “We’re a little guy and they’re not.” “They have X.” Who cares? If we all went around with that mentality we’d never go into business, or join a team, or get a date! Why waste your time and energy on those things? Instead, learn to control…

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  • Best Practices for Replying to Negative Google Reviews

    … is in the wrong, it's fake, or someone is just hating on you, I'd contact Google support on Twitter @googlemybiz and provide documentation of the facts with a request to have the unfair/fake review removed. Keep in mind that Google may not do anything at all if it's legit – after all, that's why there are reviews in the first place. Need advice on how to handle tricky online marketing situations, we’d be happy to help. And, if you found this helpful, please leave a review for the team at Kayak. We'd love that! …

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  • Three drastic marketing changes ahead for 2017

    … to survive and thrive in the online world. Goodbye website For the longest time, I have believed that your personal website was the most important part of your online presence. The holy grail. The mother base of all missions. Every social media network and blog was a means to drive traffic to your self-hosted site, where the real conversion of clients…

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  • Your marketing strategy is not a decision. It’s decided for you

    … By Mark Schaefer I get a lot of requests every day from people who want to “pick my brain.” I can’t possibly spend so much time giving free advice, and yet I’m a softie who hates to tell people “no!” So I created a place on my site where people can buy an hour of my time and get instant marketing advice for a small amount of money…

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  • The Website ReDesign Crash Diet Phenomenon

    … platform, it’s up to you to make your website go. Think Optimization, Not New Beginnings Most businesses really don’t need a fresh start online. Instead, what they need is a sustainable platform coupled with knowledge on how they can use it to draw in visitors, convert them into leads, and move them into sales. That kind of strategy builds business…

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  • Being an Empathic Marketer in an Automated World

    … client has a start-up food business and focuses on manufacturing and sales. We spent hours in conversation as I listened to my client’s approach to the market. One piece of counsel I provided was that he had spent enough time listening to his end users. Did he understand how his product fit into the life of his customer? What practical (and emotional…

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  • A conversation about building brands online

    … Earlier this year, you might remember our announcement that we’d partnered with ICONIS Agency of Rijeka Croatia - a successful digital marketing agency that specializes in developing web apps, websites and helping build e-commerce businesses. Now, a little over a year later, Randy has been to Croatia, Muamer has been to Calgary and the teams…

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