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    • 4 Ways Marketers Can Up Their Mental Game

      By Brooke B. Sellas, {grow} Contributing Columnist For marketers, our mental game is likely one of our most valued (and valuable) assets. Mental challenges for marketers include creativity, focus, and juggling the five Ps: Your product(s) Your pricing Placement Promotion And of course, your people Here are four ways to up your mental game in 2017.

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    • Best Practices for Replying to Negative Google Reviews

      Negative reviews can be extremely tricky, especially during this time of the year. Yes, it is best practice to respond, but my advice would be to work towards diffussing the situation rather than getting into a he-said-she-said war of words online. Your reputation depends on it. While it may be tempting to set the record straight, it's seldom ever productive, may be seen as ...

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  • Three drastic marketing changes ahead for 2017

    …. Wooza! The ‘only’ downside? It’s not customer friendly. First of all, even $5 per month for a single series is too much if the customer can stream the entire Netflix library for about $7. Not to forget the hassle: you have to sign up, pick up the right ebook format (PDF? Mobi? ePub? AZW3?), which you then have to download and drag to your…

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  • Your marketing strategy is not a decision. It’s decided for you

    … marketing options, they don’t know where to start. I’ve been offering this service for more than three years and I have a 100 percent success rate at helping people get on track. Here’s my secret to success: I demonstrate that there really aren’t that many marketing options at all. In fact, most of the time your market strategy is dictated to you…

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  • The Website ReDesign Crash Diet Phenomenon

    … platform, it’s up to you to make your website go. Think Optimization, Not New Beginnings Most businesses really don’t need a fresh start online. Instead, what they need is a sustainable platform coupled with knowledge on how they can use it to draw in visitors, convert them into leads, and move them into sales. That kind of strategy builds business…

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  • Being an Empathic Marketer in an Automated World

    … client has a start-up food business and focuses on manufacturing and sales. We spent hours in conversation as I listened to my client’s approach to the market. One piece of counsel I provided was that he had spent enough time listening to his end users. Did he understand how his product fit into the life of his customer? What practical (and emotional…

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  • A conversation about building brands online

    … Earlier this year, you might remember our announcement that we’d partnered with ICONIS Agency of Rijeka Croatia - a successful digital marketing agency that specializes in developing web apps, websites and helping build e-commerce businesses. Now, a little over a year later, Randy has been to Croatia, Muamer has been to Calgary and the teams…

  • The One Thing That’s Better Than Knowing Your Customers

    … Posts Tags: customer acquisition, customer behavior, customer connections, customer experience, customer journey, customer relationships, knowing your customers Posted in business relationships, business strategy, customer acquisition, Marketing Strategy, Psychology and social media | No Comments » All posts …

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  • The Art of Digital Marketing

    … computers. But what is lost and so important is story telling which is the key to marketing today. He shares the critical importance of telling good stories. “Marketing is the very human practice of telling stories.” In my opinion, Seth is very right. What do you think? Love your comments. Get IBM to link to my site too please. Filed under: b2b lead generation companies, BtoB Marketing, Business Marketing Association, Business relationships, Business Strategy…

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  • The Power of Being Different

    … are you unique? Think that thoroughly and come up with radical ideas. What do you think of this concept? Love to read your comments. Filed under: BtoB Marketing, Business Strategy, Chief Marketing Officer, Content marketing, Email Marketing…

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  • The Power of Being Different

    … On this day, I want to share a key marketing idea. What makes you unique and different? The Apple iPhone is unlike other phones. Apple revolutionized the cell phone world. REI, the outdoor retailer closed on the biggest shopping day of the year, yet employees were paid. They were all over the news. What do you think of this idea? Love your comments. Filed under: Advertising, BtoB Marketing, Business Strategy, Chief Marketing Officer, CMO Challenges and Opportunities…

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  • 8 Strategies to stand out when you’re late to the content marketing game

    … more social sharing through volume compared to companies focusing on fewer, quality posts. I know that sounds disappointing and strange, and I don’t think that is the right strategy for everybody (including me!), but that’s the way the dynamics of the web works for now. And we have to run our businesses based on what is, not what we wish for. 6…

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  • Social media giants tighten their grip on small content producers

    … By Mars Dorian, {grow} Contributing Columnist The digital age is supposed be the era of the solopreneur, allowing ordinary human content producers like you and me to start their own online media empire. The holy web has allowed us to bypass the former gatekeepers: Want to build your own radio show but can’t get a regular gig? Start a podcast…

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  • Does every business need content marketing? A reality check.

    … This week I came across a quote from a speaker at the Content Marketing World conference: “Content marketing works every time, for every business, in every industry.” Another well-known guru recently wrote: “It is impossible to rise above the noise in business today without a content marketing strategy.” And I saw this quote shared on Facebook…

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