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    • 3 Little-Known Ways to Use Content Marketing for Client Education

      By Brooke B. Sellas, {grow} Contributing Columnist Working in marketing means there are lots of moments for client education. “What does ‘CPC’ mean? I want 10,000 new followers this month! Why aren’t people seeing or interacting with my Facebook posts? We should delete that negative review!” Exasperated yet? I’m here to challenge you to be irked with yourself rather than the client.

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    • Research shows we may be at the end of the startup era

      By Mark Schaefer About a year ago, I wrote a blog post that went against the grain. At a time when everybody was ga-ga over Snapchat I predicted that Facebook would eventually dismantle them. I wrote: Snapchat has no meaningful intellectual property. There is nothing really stopping Facebook (or the apps they own like Instagram, Messenger, or WhatsApp) from copying anything they do.

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    • Content monetization, brocial media, and the role of love in business

      By Mark Schaefer One of the most delightful and provocative thinkers on the web today is my friend Phil Gerbyshak. Phil interviewed recently for a podcast and we covered many topics I had never discussed publicly before, especially as it relates to building customer intimacy today. Here are some highlights from that conversation: Phil: I think it’s possible to build amazing ...

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  • A Simple Rule for How Brands Should Work with Influencers: Attention Retention

    … called “nuance.” But if an organization wants to capitalize, they must be more nuanced in their understanding of new trends than what the blogosphere would have us believe. And today, the business blogosphere would have us believe that influencer marketing is all about that old addicting drug brands so crave: reach. But believe you me…

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  • A Web App Security Chat with Shawn Freeman

    … I’ve come across a wide range of apps promising private communications, from Confide and WhatsApp to SnapChat and even Tor Browsers. I posted news of one of these apps to Facebook and got a very quick response from Shawn Freeman of TWT telling me the apps were pretty much useless. That made me pause. There’s certainly a call for them I figured…

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  • Don’t Overlook These 5 Key Business Components

    … You might be getting ready to start a new company, or you might have been in business for a while. Either way, it’s a good idea to step back and evaluate the big picture to make sure you’re on the right track. Establishing and running a business is a major undertaking. But making sure you have the right tools in place and a proper…

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  • 3 Important relationship lessons I’ve learned from offline businesses

    … By Mars Dorian, {grow} Contributing Columnist Sometimes the best online marketing advice comes from the offline world. You know, that strange, physical realm inhabited by carbon-based lifeforms that occasionally look up from their square-shaped magic boxes. In this post, I want to reveal the top three relationship lessons I’ve learned from my…

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  • Are You Getting Stuck on Sticker Prices?

    …, opting instead for an advertising campaign that creates a sale this week, but stops delivering the moment they stop funding it. "Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken." - Warren Buffett What may seem like the safer choice at the time, leaves them starting from scratch again when it’s time to prepare a new…

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  • 4 Non-Marketing Skills You Need to Become a Better Marketer

    … don’t care about Likes, email sign-ups, or share of voice. They care about return on marketing investment, revenue and sales, reduced costs, and improved cash flow. Speak their language and align marketing goals so they feed directly into these broader business goals. For example, Ben Kaplan, director of mobile strategy and product…

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  • How business strategy is being re-invented by social media

    … a juicy one: How social media is upending traditional marketing strategy … perhaps business strategy. Mitch and I have both written recently about the danger of politicizing a brand. But Mitch makes the additional smart point that brands may not have a choice in the matter — customers may be demanding that we take a political stand. This is a thought…

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  • Three ideas to end the social media poison

    … By Mars Dorian, {grow} Contributing Columnist Divisive politics span across the globe, robotization threatens to replace millions of workers, geo-conflicts throw people at each other. The future seems so uncertain. The present seems so … harsh. Flipping through your favorite news channels is starting to look like the billboard chart…

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  • The Secret to Getting Exactly What You Want (In Business)

    … By Brooke B. Sellas, {grow} Contributing Columnist Getting exactly what you want in life or in business seems next to impossible these days. I’m here to tell you, it’s not. I’ve noticed something lately as I’ve been trying to get my way. Tenacity pays off and so does data. Patience is also something to note. In our current society, where we…

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  • 3 Sources for Funding Your Start-Up in 2017

    … Estate Investment The path to entrepreneurship and starting up is never a linear journey. My business partner started out in real estate. His strategy was to begin to generate multiple streams of income from rental properties and use that income to launch his future business. There’s some risk involved in this strategy, as tenants are sometimes…

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  • 4 Ways Marketers Can Up Their Mental Game

    … By Brooke B. Sellas, {grow} Contributing Columnist For marketers, our mental game is likely one of our most valued (and valuable) assets. Mental challenges for marketers include creativity, focus, and juggling the five Ps: Your product(s) Your pricing Placement Promotion And of course, your people Here are four ways to up your…

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  • Best Practices for Replying to Negative Google Reviews

    … is in the wrong, it's fake, or someone is just hating on you, I'd contact Google support on Twitter @googlemybiz and provide documentation of the facts with a request to have the unfair/fake review removed. Keep in mind that Google may not do anything at all if it's legit – after all, that's why there are reviews in the first place. Need advice on how to handle tricky online marketing situations, we’d be happy to help. And, if you found this helpful, please leave a review for the team at Kayak. We'd love that! …

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  • Three drastic marketing changes ahead for 2017

    … to the death of the personal website. In the self-publishing world, I see independent authors setting up their fiction membership sites. For about $5-$15 per month, you can read one of their ongoing series and stay in the loop. It makes business sense: the author gets recurring income and is financially independent from ebook juggernauts like Amazon…

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