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    • How to Turn your Internship into a Job: Tips from a Hiring Manager

      You just landed a killer Internship at your Dream Company — Congrats! While that’s definitely reason to celebrate, it’s actually only step-one in the process. Whether you realize it or not, you’re about to embark on the longest, most important interview of your life. Why? Every Internship is essentially a semester-long working interview.

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  • Networking 101: How to be a Creative Connector

    … if you are just meeting them for the first time? A key point here is to narrow down the definition of “value” and decipher what that means to your audience through understanding what their goals are. So let’s dig a little deeper and think about how we can innovatively network to our advantage: Scenario 1: You meet a small business owner…

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  • 3 Top Conversion Rate Optimization Rules [From an SEO Perspective]

    … It’s not common for SEO marketers to be hyper-focused on traffic goals and forget about the ultimate end goal: to make money. It’s awesome if someone lands on your website from a search engine result page – but what happens next?… The post 3 Top Conversion Rate Optimization Rules [From an SEO Perspective] appeared first on Seer Interactive. …

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  • Why You Need Snapchat in Your 2016 Marketing Plan

    … in these sections. However even now with the affordable new geofilter option, many brands still have some serious questions how exactly it connects with their audience through the app about its’ potential ROI. From a millennial’s point of view You may be thinking… is Snapchat relevant to me even if my business doesn’t target millennials? While…

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  • Help with Yelp for Business: Responding to Negative Reviews

    … to ask, How should our business respond to negative Yelp reviews? To help you navigate the treacherous waters of Yelp criticisms, I gathered some examples. Below are a few of the good, the bad and the ugly responses to undesirable reviews and my analysis of what they did right and wrong. The Good Mother Bear’s Pizza (Bloomington,IN) What they did right…

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  • Re-think Search: Use SEO To Grow Your Business, Not for Rankings

    … 82 percent of marketers stated that generating brand awareness was their top goal in 2015 (Content Marketing Institute & MarketingProfs). However, when it comes to organic search, many marketers do not view this channel as an opportunity to invest in their brand. Instead it’s seen a medium to gain quick wins. Too often, SEO is considered…

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  • The Digital Marketer’s Guide to Recruiting Top Talent

    … As a digital marketer, count how many times you have thought to yourself, “Jeez… it’s so tough to find good people to hire in this industry.” You’re not alone. When you’ve got competing priorities sometimes finding the right people to join your team falls pretty low on your to-do list. Whether that’s because it’s too hard, you don’t have…

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  • Why Silos Will Kill Your Marketing in 5 Years

    … in. Today, digital marketing has evolved and requires a far more nuanced approach. Bringing organic traffic to an asset calls for more than just simple cut-and-paste tactics. It doesn’t just require a well-thought out strategy executed by a team of people comprised of varying skillsets. It also calls for digital marketers to build trust…

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  • What is Company Culture & Why Does it Matter

    … “Since 1998 the 100 Best Companies [to work for] have outperformed the S&P 500 index by a ratio of nearly 2 to 1,” according to a study in Fortune. Businesses on the “Best Companies” list earned their spot by building a strong, company culture. If you’re fresh out of college or feel stuck in your lackluster job, company culture may seem less…

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  • Seer’s Director of Analytics is on the Run! Q+A with Larry Waddell

    … Web Analytics’ impact on digital marketing is increasing at a monumental pace. In 2014, 60 percent of marketers planned to increase spend in data and analytics – a statistic that is expected to grow throughout 2015 (Source: Microsoft Analytics Quick Facts). Here at Seer, our small but mighty web analytics team, has a ton of potential…

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  • You don’t need experience to be a Digital Marketing Intern

    … a successful digital marketing professional–don’t be afraid to ask a question, to push those around you further, and to challenge the norm. From the outside looking in, it may seem like everyone at Seer knows all there is to know about digital marketing. But from the inside looking out, it’s exactly the opposite. Don’t get me wrong, the Seer team…

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  • 4 Lessons Digital Marketers Can Learn from WWE

    … colorful opponents that had me hooked. Today, I’ve come to appreciate the business and marketing wizardry behind sports entertainment as much as the product itself. Beneath the veneer of loud, muscular dudes bodyslamming each other in a ring, lurks an extremely smart business and marketing model that can help you carve out a solid approach for your own…

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  • How I found that avoiding titles hindered our team more than helped

    … starting a business that have had to go. Being in my role is about growth and keeping your mind open, even to your “absolutes”, testing yourself, messing stuff up sometimes, and learning. If your company doesn’t have titles, wear that proudly, we did for over 10 years and that took us to over 100 employees: But ask yourself one thing, when someone’s…

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