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    • New Constant Contact Integrations: March 2017

      We’re always looking to help small businesses and nonprofits find easy ways to grow and manage their business. One of the best ways we can help our customers is by partnering with other companies that integrate with Constant Contact to improve processes or enhance your marketing efforts. Let’s take a closer look at three of the latest integrations we launched in our MarketPlace: 1.

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    • How to Design a Landing Page That Converts

      Different pages on your website have different purposes and goals. Your homepage should provide a clear picture of what your business is and does. Your about page is an opportunity to personalize your brand and build trust. Landing pages are designed to do one thing: convert. Your goal for every landing page is clear and each must be designed in a way that passes that clarity onto the visitor.

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    • 5 Challenges for Family Businesses (and How to Overcome Them)

      Keeping your small business in business isn’t easy. And being a family business makes things even more challenging. If you want your business to flourish for generations to come, you need to address your biggest challenges head on. Luckily, you aren’t alone. Many small family businesses face the same problems and have learned to solve them.

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  • How to Build a Website in 15 Minutes

    … If you still haven’t taken time to build a website for your business, I have one question for you: Why not? Maybe you think you don’t have the time, money, or skills to create a stunning website that represents your business. Whatever is holding you back, it’s time to put your hesitations to rest. I’ll show you how easy it is to build…

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  • How bespoke software can improve the process flow in your company

    … competitors. This is where a Bespoke or custom made software can help, keeping in mind the specific needs of your company and what you seek to achieve from the software at the same time. How does it differ from any other off –the-shelf software? Any off-the-shelf software comes with restrictions that can prohibit you from reaching your full productivity…

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  • Your Small Business Website Isn’t Complete Without These 5 Things

    … At this point, it’s obvious that every small business needs a website. People make so many of their shopping decisions online, that having a web presence is a business requirement in 2017. But simply having a website isn’t enough — you need one that’s designed well enough to do its job. No matter what products or services your small business…

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  • Essential Tips For The Budding Entrepreneurs

    … the two and strive to accomplish your ultimate objectives without getting distracted with anything else on your way. You may probably have own ways to further your business prospects, which can be promising too. But a mere addition of the above tips to your existing plans will certainly add new dimensions to your whole entrepreneurial dare. A thoughtful…

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  • How to Find and Define Your Niche Market

    … you’ve defined your niche market, use these 10 low-budget marketing ideas to engage your customers and drive sales. About the Author: Susan Solovic is THE Small Business Expert. Sign up for Susan’s Success Tips Newsletter and get your free copy of “Smart Marketing Strategies for Small Biz” ebook. The post How to Find and Define Your Niche Market appeared first on Constant Contact Blogs. …

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  • 10 Things You Need to Do Before Starting Your Own Business

    … this advice to determine how much cash your small business should have. 4. Understand your own strengths, skills, and time available Know when you need to engage an accountant, lawyer, insurance agent, marketing specialist, web page designer, or other professional. This will start your management process as a business owner. Constant Contact…

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  • That CIO-CEO relationship

    … directs the business and who gets everyone moving. A CEO is that person who is more concerned about bringing in money for the business and making sure that a company’s budget does not go to waste. The CEO not only manages people inside the company; but more importantly, coordinates with fellow CEOs, government offices, and other organizations. CEOs…

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  • What is a Cash Mob and How to Make Yours a Success

    … Looking for a new way to encourage your community to shop small? Want to raise awareness about the importance of supporting local businesses? A cash mob is the perfect way to rally your community, create excitement, and drive sales. This year, we sponsored three successful cash mobs to entice holiday shoppers to shop small at: Portland…

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  • 7 Excellent Branding Opportunities You Have Right Now

    … What do Wrigley Field and NASCAR vehicles and drivers have in common? They’re both examples of opportunity branding. The ballpark where the Chicago Cubs play got the name Wrigley Field way back in 1926 to honor the team’s owner, William Wrigley Jr. The fact that Wrigley also made the popular chewing gum elevated the ballpark to a powerful piece…

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  • The 5 Tips and Tools You Need to Boost Your Productivity

    … would boost your small business productivity, or help you keep track of freelancers, check out this comparison article by Chad Brooks.) 5. Textexpander Not all of your writing is done in Gmail, and that’s where Textexpander comes to the rescue. If you have snippets or blocks of text that you input repeatedly, you can create shortcuts. Further…

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  • How to Make the Most of Halloween Spending

    … While many businesses tend to forget about Halloween in the November and December shopping frenzy, their customers never do. In 2016, 8.4 billion dollars will be spent on Halloween — mostly on costumes, candy, decorations and greeting cards. With this spending sharply increased from 6.9 billion dollars last year, Halloween purchases…

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  • Algorithmic Business – What it is and how to become one

    … What is an algorithmic business? How to make use of algorithms? How to become an algorithmic business? With the rich interconnections between businesses, consumers, and the general public in a digital environment, a huge amount of significant data may be collected at any given time. Information regarding preferences, routines, needs, and wants…

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  • 7 Books Every Entrepreneur Needs on Their Bookshelf

    … unscrupulous businesses) was a sandwich shop South of Boston. I thought I’d struck gold, but in reality, they were getting a steal of a deal. They paid me $100/month to run their email marketing and social media — almost 20 hours of work a month at $5/hour. I remember telling my then fiancé, Linda, that if I could just line up 24 more of these clients…

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