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    • How to Make the Most of Halloween Spending

      While many businesses tend to forget about Halloween in the November and December shopping frenzy, their customers never do. In 2016, 8.4 billion dollars will be spent on Halloween — mostly on costumes, candy, decorations and greeting cards. With this spending sharply increased from 6.9 billion dollars last year, Halloween purchases are on the rise.

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  • Algorithmic Business – What it is and how to become one

    … What is an algorithmic business? How to make use of algorithms? How to become an algorithmic business? With the rich interconnections between businesses, consumers, and the general public in a digital environment, a huge amount of significant data may be collected at any given time. Information regarding preferences, routines, needs, and wants…

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  • 7 Books Every Entrepreneur Needs on Their Bookshelf

    When I started BJC Branding, I found myself out of a tech sales job with no idea what I was going to do next. My bank account was quickly approaching three digits, and I only had my MacBook and a rolodex of a few names/emails to get going. My first legitimate client in 2011 (after being stiffed for thousands of dollars by two horribly unscrupulous businesses) was a sandwich s ...

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  • 13 Tips and Tactics to Propel Your Small Business Growth

    … What does it mean to “grow your business”? Is it the same thing as increasing profits, the bottom line? Or does it mean increasing sales, the top line? It’s important to understand the relationship between these two approaches to business “growth” and how they fit into the evolution of your business. For example, if you’re approaching the day…

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  • How to Create a Consistent Customer Experience Across Channels

    … Every customer interaction matters. And consistency throughout the customer experience builds brand awareness and trust with your target audience. “A truly effective customer experience is focused on opening up new paths of communication, as well as creating a friendly brand tone, and aligning actions with brand intentions,” writes Michelle…

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  • 5 Ways to Get More Hours in the Day

    … There’s one commodity that always seems to be in short supply, with no way to get more of it. I’m talking about time. I don’t think I’ve met a small business owner yet who didn’t say something like, “There just aren’t enough hours in the day!” As far as I can tell, there are only two ways to give you more productive hours each day. Slow…

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  • 10 Commandments for Millennial Marketing

    … important thing is to constantly monitor the online presence of millennials by reading articles, monitoring social media, and talking to them. If you’re simply willing to listen to millennials and adjust accordingly, your business will have no problem reaching this important demographic. Have any millennial tips we missed? Leave us a comment with your best advice! The post 10 Commandments for Millennial Marketing appeared first on Constant Contact Blogs. …

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  • Revealing the Mystery Behind Open-Ended Questions in Sales

    … To reveal why your open-ended questions in sales are more important than any of your spot-on answers, let me relate a conversation I recently had. A young couple was telling me about their new car buying experience. Her Nissan Cube had been totaled in an accident (fortunately no one was hurt) and she wanted a replacement that offered an interior…

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  • How to Tell If a Government Grant Offer Is a Scam

    … good chance it is scam. Asking for an application fee is the number-one way scammers make their money. 3. Is the grant for business or personal use? U.S. grants to a business or nonprofit are for the sole benefit of the company. If the grant is for school, living, or other personal expenses, that’s an immediate red flag that it is not legit. 4. What…

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  • 19 Tips to Help You Get and Stay Motivated

    … It can be lonely at the top! And in the long run, that can be a major de-motivator for the small business owner. Of course, the stress and the long hours can also make it difficult to maintain your enthusiasm or commitment to your small business. If you’re wondering how to get your motivation back, try out these 19 different motivation tips…

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  • July 2016 Marketing and Holiday Planning

    … It’s hard to believe, isn’t it? We’re almost halfway through 2016. As we head into the dog days of summer, don’t forget to revisit those resolutions you made a few short months ago. July is the perfect month to ask yourself what’s gone well and where can you improve. If you could use some new email marketing campaign ideas, we’ve got plenty…

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  • A Pocketful of Tips to Boost Your Small Business

    … I’m a collector. Some might call me a hoarder, but I haven’t filled my living room with boxes of unopened Hummel figurines purchased during any late night cable shopping sprees. No, I collect business tips. Usually, they are big enough that they can command an entire article in this space. However, sometimes I end up with a pocketful of smaller…

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  • 4 Simple Ways to Keep Your Ministry Thriving This Summer

    … ministry fully alive by changing pace to match the vibe of the season. This is an especially important time to encourage your members and small groups to stay connected and informed — even when they aren’t always present — through online channels like email and social media. Need some help getting started? Here are four tips to help your ministry’s…

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