• 4 Fundamental Mistakes That Are Killing Your Digital Agency’s Growth

    … grammar was or even how low your price was, all a client will see is a big line item with little justification. Build value every step of the way. When the client sees the dollar sign, they won’t hesitate because they’ll know they’re making an investment in their business’s future. 2. Project Management The digital space is full of so many business…

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  • The Three Fundamentals Of A Successful Kickstarter Campaign

    … Congratulations! You have a brilliant idea that will change the lives of millions. All you need now is the proper funding. That should be easy right? All you need to do is start a Kickstarter campaign! WRONG! Kickstarter is one of the most daunting platforms you can take on. The process for creating a successful Kickstarter campaign…

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  • How To Turn Your Web Traffic Into Inbound Sales Calls

    … a good impression that lasts long enough for customers to visit their websites. However, the struggle for recognition in the marketplace doesn’t end with potential customers visiting your website. In fact, that’s when it truly begins, as that’s when the big question arises: how do you get them to buy? Even though more and more businesses are working…

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  • 8 Affiliate Marketing Myths That Are Holding You Back Financially

    Affiliate marketing is a funny thing – it’s something you can either fall in love with, or get overwhelmed by. Defined as an online sales tactic that lets a product owner increase sales by allowing others targeting the same audience – ‘affiliates’ – to earn a commission by recommending the product to others, it’s mainly controversial because there are so many myths surrounding it.

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  • A Day In The Life Of A Digital Marketer

    … Digital marketing is more than knowing how to run a Facebook ad campaign or conduct SEO research. It’s a set of skills and a way of thinking that, when taken holistically, can add incredible – even business-changing – insight to an organization, no matter how small. This excerpt of a guide to digital marketing runs through what digital…

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  • 5 Undeniable PR Tactics to Get Press for Your Business

    … Virtually every single business can use a boost to its public profile. Generating Press is always a huge win. Press means brand awareness and credibility. Awareness means website traffic and social follows. Press means great backlink opportunities. To be blunt, press drives sales. So how do we get press? Is there a faucet that we…

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  • The Marketing Revolution No One Predicted

    Think back to the revolutions throughout history that shaped the world. The advent of machinery, then information technology and then the internet all had a profound impact on the way we do business. But first, let’s consider how these historical revolutions impacted businesses over time. With the industrial revolution the emergence of industrial technology and its new tools ...

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  • Why You Should Invest in Your Brand Advocates (And How To Do It)

    … to market your brand, since you don’t have to do the hard work yourself. In fact, when your customers are promoting your business for you, this frees up valuable time for you to work on other objectives. One of the reasons that word-of-mouth marketing is so powerful is because it comes with embedded social proof. The best kind of social proof…

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  • How To Be The Next Netflix (And What Will Happen If You’re Not)

    … Powerful. And I highly recommend you do the same. Ironically, the Netflix business innovation is the primary reason Blockbuster no longer exists, and will forever live in solitude in my memory. Get a free chapter of ‘Powerful’ before it is released to the public here. What is ‘Powerful’ all about? It’s not about Netflix, although the Netflix story…

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