Butterfinger is a candy bar made by Nestlé.The bar consists of a flaky, crisp, orange-colored, peanut butter-flavored center that is coated in compound chocolate.
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  • The Secret Life of Brands: What Image-Recognition Technology Reveals

    … Of course, not every consumer is obsessed with the #gymlife, #fitness and #motivation. Consider the Twitter user who recently posted a shot of himself holding a half-eaten Butterfinger bar with the caption “#breakfast setups” (again, no mention of the actual brand). You might argue that that’s a pretty sad breakfast, but perhaps Butterfinger maker…

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    …): 26,200 mentions “Starburst FaveReds” (Starburst): 26,200 “M&M’s Crispy” (M&M’s): 24,700 And the top hashtags (http://allfacebook.com/vidpresso-narendra-modi_b135760) were: #reesesgameday: 18,000 mentions #teamskittles: 16,800 #skittlesweb: 13,900 Finally, the Facebook posts with the most likes were: 26,400 22,200 16,100 15,500 12,100 Readers: How did your favorite candy brand fare? …

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