Button Design

  • The Anatomy of a High Converting Lead Generation Form

    … content here. I’ve read blogs that publish incredibly useful and in-depth content, but I still haven’t subscribed to them. No, the problem here is the lead generation form, the means of capturing email addresses. Building an email list requires a high converting lead generation form. Without it you might receive a lot of traffic but only a trickle…

    Sid Bharath/ The Daily Egg- 23 readers -
  • The Science of a Powerful, Clickable Call to Action

    …, language, imagery, framing, and more all factor into the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of a good CTA. There are two sides to every CTA. The button has two primary elements, design and copy. Both play their role in the act of conversion, and both roles are separate but complementary. Button design is the visual aspect of the button, the quality…

    Jeremy Smith/ The Daily Egg- 30 readers -
  • How to Optimize Your Call to Action Buttons for Conversion

    …/ to create the buttons. Lay them all out, and take a one-second look. Which one is most noticeable? Which one stands out the most? Which one do you look at first? A lot of this decision-making will depend on your site’s color scheme, the existing design elements, and the background color. 2. Keep it simple I’ve seen people do some real dumb things…

    The Daily Egg- 10 readers -
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