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  • Four pillars of SEO management: optimizing content for success

    …. The better you understand the current performance of your content, the easier it will be to identify your strengths and weaknesses. You will also be able to clearly see what content your audience appreciates the most, and thus build on this information going forward. You also want to take a good look at your target buyer personas and their buyer’s…

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  • 5 Persona Development Mistakes That Can Impact Your ROI

    … you to focus only on specific buyers. Plus, they create a common audience for everyone in an organization to keep in mind — not just the marketing department. With this consistent view, it’s easier to communicate messaging across all departments and keep every employee aligned. Finally, behavioral personas can remove the guesswork and allow you…

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  • What is Netnography?

    … is collected when consumers are behaving freely, as opposed to research surveys in which consumers sometimes respond to prevent embarrassment or please the surveyor. PersonaX buyer persona research reports are composed of entirely objective data that are real indicators of lifestyle, product, and brand choices. Their research analysts compile…

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  • 4 Resourceful Ways to Learn More About Your Buyer Persona

    …, but have you considered using this technique to learn more about your target market? Seeking information from a large group of experts or people who embody your targeted buyer personas can help you get further perspective on problems your company can solve. Using a crowdsourcing question-and-answer platform like Quora, you can ask questions…

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  • What Are Buyer Personas and Why Should Your Mortgage Company Care?

    …. But in order to make them want to be a part of your success story, or more accurately, to make them want to cast you in a supporting role in the story of how they became homeowners, you’ll need to create strong relationships with them. And the more you know about them, the easier it will be to do just that. That’s where buyer personas come in. What’s…

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  • How to Create Buyer Personas with Social Media Data

    … Chances are, you’re creating buyer personas for your business even if you’ve never heard the term. It’s all about knowing who your customer is. Whatever product or service your business offers, it solves a problem or addresses a common challenge that exists among a certain group of people: your customers. Once you have a big enough customer base…

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  • Lions and Tigers and Buyer Personas … Oh My

    … On The Marketing Companion podcast, Tom Webster and I continue to plow new ground. For example, in this latest episode, we become the first on-demand radio show to mention The Kardashians and B2B buyer personas in the same sentence. We discuss why Zappos employees are fleeing the holocracy, and explain how this concept began with Star Trek…

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  • 4 Conversion Experts On Why Buyers Click

    … messaging resonate enough with a user or viewer so they convert,” added Michael King of iPullRank. “Building personas takes out a lot of the guesswork.” “Understanding how buyers make decisions—categorizing them and looking for behavioral patterns—can and should influence everything you do, from your marketing channels to your messaging,” said…

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  • Why customer personas may be an outdated marketing technique

    … politely and quietly as the ad agency walked the CMO and her team through a painstaking process to develop buyer “personas” for targeted content. I knew I would not have to make an intervention because I could tell the CMO, an experienced industry veteran, was growing increasingly agitated as we entered the third hour of the process! Finally…

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  • The 5 Insights that help put the rules to work for you

    … Jeff Ogden, the Fearless Competitor, (@fearlesscomp) was trained in Buyer Personas when Adele Revella invited him to be the first to take the Buyer Persona Master Class. Thank you, Adele! Please note that this is the blog of Find New Customers, the most likeable company in B2B marketing today. We work on that website almost every day to make…

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  • Conducting the buyer interview in buyer personas

    Jeff Ogden (@fearlesscomp) of Find New Customers was trained in Buyer Personas by Adele Revella of the Buyer Persona Institute and Buyer Personas is one of the services Find New Customers offers you, so you can create more compelling marketing content in your business. (My good friend, Adele is working on a new book, so please keep your eyes out for it.

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