Buying Cycle

  • Why The Purchase Funnel is Important For Your Campaign Structure

    … PPC strategy, we can increase our chances of being top of mind when that user decides to make a purchase. The First Interaction Let me show you the purchase funnel: Image Source The campaign structures I mention above fit more towards the Consideration and Purchase sections of the funnel, where a user is actively looking to buy. While…

    Rachael Law/ PPC Heroin Paid Search- 5 readers -
  • My 4 Favorite Google Analytics Reports for PPC Optimization

    … As a search marketer, we’re constantly reviewing and optimizing campaigns to improve performance. But at times we can get a bit myopic and focus only on the performance found in the advertising platforms themselves. In an effort to broaden some horizons and refresh those others who’ve travelled there before, I’m going to share my four favorite…

    Clix Marketing PPC Blogin Paid Search Google- 18 readers -
  • Use AdWords Similar Audiences To Reach Your Uncovered Audience

    … to reach your 'uncovered audience'. Similar Audiences are new targeting groups created by AdWords based upon characteristics and interests of those members of your remarketing lists. According to Google, the CTR within the GDN (US, All Verticals, Image Ads Only) has increased by 90% when comparing April 2014 to April 2013. This is proof…

    Hayley Cummings/ PPC Hero- 19 readers -
  • Content Marketing And The Buying Cycle

    This is the transcript for our new video. Hi. Let’s kick off with a quick question. Are you seeing a return on investment from the content that you’re marketing? Well, we know that creating content for content’s sake doesn’t work. Okay, we know we need a strategy. But have you considered mapping your content marketing with the buying cycle? Well, let’s what we’re going to ...

    James Perrin/ 33 readers -
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