Buying Sites

  • How to Double the Organic Google Traffic to Your Site in Just 3 Months

    … that we purchased. While its not impossible to see huge gains like this from a brand new site, there are some advantages to buying a site that is already established. These sites were already aged and getting some traffic from Google. As a result, before we ever came along they already had some authority built up and Google was already ranking them well…

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  • What Happens When You Add 500 Pieces Of Content To A Website?

    … with the seller to walk through their accounts and ask questions. Have them sign into their advertising and affiliate accounts so that you can verify the earnings. Before buying a site, ensure that it ranks. To determine the KC that we could rank for, we ran a test. We published several articles with KCs ranging from 20-50 and then checked back later…

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  • June Income Report and a New Authority Project

    … just plan to add 10 to 15 articles per month, and Perrin and I will do some minor link building. That’s about it. I may look to purchase one more site this year, so if you are looking to sell a site making at least $1,500/month or so, please contact me here. New Authority Project Perrin and I like to discuss strategy quite a bit. Over the past 7…

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