NTN Buzztime is a company that produces interactive entertainment across many different platforms. Its most well-known product, simply called Buzztime, and formerly known as the NTN Network, since 1985, broadcasts trivia and other games via broadband over a national network to over 3,800 bars and restaurants in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. Operations in the U.K. were discontinued Q3 2008. Typically, independently-owned bars and restaurants offer Buzztime. However, it is also offered by major chains such as Buffalo Wild Wings and Damon's Grill, and is being implemented at some T.G.I. Friday's and Applebee's.
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  • 7 Landing Page Mistakes That Are Stopping Your Prospects Dead in Their Tracks

    … that “Lead Response Management” seemed to be the preferred term. Similarly, Ian wasn’t sure if the headline on BuzzTime Business’ landing page was crafted to speak to its target audience: “If I’m a business owner, I’m not sure that this headline is really targeting me.” Though the headline paints a picture of bringing in repeat customers, it speaks…

    Amanda Durepos/ Unbouncein Google- 28 readers -
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