A buzzword is a word or phrase used to impress, or one that is fashionable. Buzzwords often originate in jargon or are neologisms.The term was first used in 1946 as student slang.
Posts about Buzzwords
  • 10 Bad Writing Habits Everyone’s Guilty Of (Especially Us)

    … in middle school, when I struggled to make logical writing transitions without using these phrases foisted on me by teachers who knew my pitfalls. Read publications known for their stellar writing and you’ll notice that transitional phrases almost always never begin sentences. In conclusion, as TCS tries to improve the way marketers use language…

    Kieran Dahl/ The Content Strategist- 21 readers -
  • Why We Stopped Using the Word ‘Authentic’

    … me (“subject-matter experts,” “micro-moments,” “thought leadership”), but “authentic” bothers me the most. While crappy buzzwords are usually just convoluted ways of saying simple things, “authentic” is especially problematic because of its hollowness. Marketers frequently use it in a way that’s either meaningless or contradictory. Now I get…

    Jordan Teicher/ The Content Strategist- 49 readers -
  • Decoding Digital Marketing Jargon

    … Every industry has its share of jargon. As new marketing technology and strategies emerge, new buzzwords arise. The challenge is making sense of it all and determine which approach is the best fit for your business. According to Momchil Kyurkchiev, CEO and co-founder of Leanplum, an integrated marketing optimization solution for mobile apps…

    AllTwitter- 21 readers -
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