• ‘It won’t look anything like digital’: Confessions of a TV sales exec on programmatic TV

      If programmatic TV becomes a reality, it’s not going to happen in the way that current digital programmatic players want it to. In fact, it might not even resemble digital programmatic at all, with its focus on transactions above advanced data. In the latest edition of our Confessions series, we spoke with a senior TV sales executive about the future of programmatic TV and how ...

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    • Confessions of a digital media vet: ‘Digital industry ghettoizes itself’

      So much of the blame for digital media’s woes is being placed on the Google-Facebook duopoly. But media owners and agencies alike would do well to look in the mirror — and get out of their own way. This, anyway, is the point of view of one digital media and advertising veteran who has worked in the industry for 26 years at a range of traditional and digital media owners, and ha ...

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  • Confessions of a brand manager on Twitter: ‘It’s more toxic than ever’

    … For brands, the struggle against Twitter trolls is all too real. In the latest in our Confessions series, where we grant anonymity in exchange for honesty, a digital marketing manager from a high-end cosmetics brand gives us the view from the front line. Users, it seems, are angrier than ever. Responses have been lightly edited for clarity…

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  • Confessions of an ad tech veteran: ‘You have no idea how much should be charged’

    … agencies are involved in rebates and the low margins are not a valid reason for them to do so. We granted anonymity in exchange for honesty. Excerpts lightly edited for clarity. Do agencies actually collect rebates? Of course, everyone knows that they do. In Europe, rebates are fine, and it’s not always illegal in the U.S. — there’s no law prohibiting…

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  • Confessions of an ad tech veteran: ‘Publishers need to audit their exchanges’

    … In June, the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) dropped a bombshell report that shined a light on the darker underbelly of media trading. The same report delivered some truths about sketchy ad tech deals, showing how some ad tech firms have contributed to the rebate issue, non-transparent practices in general and the “black-box” deals…

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