• ‘It’s strictly a CPM play’: Confessions of a publisher video exec

    … It’s been a few years since publishers big and small took an earnest dive into video, and, now, more than a few of them are struggling to keep their heads above water. For the latest installment of our Confessions series, we spoke with the head of video at a mid-tier digital publisher about his struggles with ad formats, distributing to platforms…

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  • ‘Fewer things are getting made’: Confessions of a creative director

    … For agencies, awards have long been a way to attract new business, talent and prestige. But the rise of digital advertising has in some ways changed the equation. Today, clients are more focused on cutting down costs in the name of efficiency, which makes doing “award-winning” work less of a priority. In this edition of Confessions, a veteran…

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  • ‘Tons of unnecessary ad calls going out’: Confessions of a beleaguered ad tech exec

    … Publishers love to complain about ad tech middlemen mucking up the advertising supply chain. But for the latest in our Confessions series, we talked to a vendor exec who said publishers are guilty of their own programmatic sins. Here are the excerpts, edited for clarity. As an ad tech rep, how do you feel when publishers complain about vendors…

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  • ‘Most people hate ads’: Confessions of a disillusioned agency strategist

    … Fraud in advertising is real. For a long time, agencies have been staffed by people that are often just in it to prove they know what they’re talking about. There are few divisions where that’s more apparent than in the strategy department. Strategists have long occupied a tenuous role inside agencies: Theoretically, they’re supposed to help…

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  • Confessions of a finance-company CMO: ‘Social is a fraud’

    … Marketers can often feel like they’re toiling in a fog of metrics and data. In this edition of Confessions, we spoke to the head of marketing at a major financial services company about how this atmosphere creates frauds and fear of missing out that is driving many major decisions. Answers have been lightly edited for clarity. What’s the biggest…

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  • Confessions of a black agency employee: ‘I want help’

    … Diversity is a ubiquitous buzzword in advertising. It also remains a sore topic for many. Even as there are more top-down approaches to promote women, minorities and people from different backgrounds in the industry, a lot needs to be done for those at the bottom. In this edition of the Confessions, we spoke to a young black agency employee, who…

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  • ‘We’re five years behind’: Confessions of magazine execs

    … Visit any trade group conference, and everything is going to sound great. There are no insurmountable obstacles, everything is coming up roses, and what everyone is doing has never been more important. A lot of that was in evidence Tuesday at the American Magazine Media Conference, but we thought it would be more fun to skip those and ask some…

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  • Confessions of a digital media vet: ‘Digital industry ghettoizes itself’

    … So much of the blame for digital media’s woes is being placed on the Google-Facebook duopoly. But media owners and agencies alike would do well to look in the mirror — and get out of their own way. This, anyway, is the point of view of one digital media and advertising veteran who has worked in the industry for 26 years at a range of traditional…

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  • Confessions of a brand manager on Twitter: ‘It’s more toxic than ever’

    … For brands, the struggle against Twitter trolls is all too real. In the latest in our Confessions series, where we grant anonymity in exchange for honesty, a digital marketing manager from a high-end cosmetics brand gives us the view from the front line. Users, it seems, are angrier than ever. Responses have been lightly edited for clarity…

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