• 9 Deadly Mistakes that Make Sites Slow

    … – Script file and CSS file sizes can be compressed through reducing unnecessary elements (like line feeds, commenting, tabs, and spaces. Removing these elements is called minifying. Some CMS systems can also do this automatically as the site loads and caches. Huge Images – End users often upload images direct from their camera or phone…

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  • How to Launch a WordPress Site that is Optimized for Search

    … the searcher’s attention in a search engine results page. We try to keep permalinks as short as possible and the post slug within 1 to 5 words, stripping out any unnecessary terms. Spam Comments – While nofollow links are provided by WordPress, opening comments to being published without approval will turn your WordPress site into a SPAM factory. Not only…

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  • How to Launch a WordPress Site that is Optimized for Search

    … not a fan of no-indexing categories. I believe categories are integral in presenting your site’s hierarchy to search engines and we have category pages that rank on broad terms that independent pages wouldn’t stand a chance of. I do tend to noindex tag pages, though. Tags – We noindex tags and do not publish a meta tags element in our themes. BUT, we…

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  • Music Festivals: Your Phone’s Worst Enemy?

    … Veteran festivalgoers know the importance of keeping cool and comfortable in the summer heat. They take routine breaks to avoid overheating from excessive activity. Smartphones work the same way. It’s essential to monitor a phone’s temperature with apps that have CPU-cooling capabilities. These apps can detect when a phone reaches a dangerous level…

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