• How To Setup WordPress In The Cloud (Step By Step Guide For 2018)

    … If you’re not using cloud hosting with WordPress in 2018 you’ve fallen behind. WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world and powers north of 100 million websites. It levels the playing field amongst entrepreneurs as it allows complete novices the ability to setup a professional looking website in a matter…

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  • 9 Deadly Mistakes that Make Sites Slow

    … – Script file and CSS file sizes can be compressed through reducing unnecessary elements (like line feeds, commenting, tabs, and spaces. Removing these elements is called minifying. Some CMS systems can also do this automatically as the site loads and caches. Huge Images – End users often upload images direct from their camera or phone…

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  • How To Install LiteSpeed Cache For WordPress

    … The first plugin I install for my WordPress websites is LiteSpeed cache. If you recall, last year LiteSpeed came out with their exclusive caching plugin and I did some speed comparisons using it + Cloudflare’s Railgun. Since then, they’ve continued to improve the product, making it my go-to for all my WordPress websites. The improvement…

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  • How To Enable Cloudflare On Your Domain In cPanel

    … Many of our customers love using Cloudflare for their DNS to help protect their website against DDOS attacks as well as speeding up their page-load. With our free and automatic SSL, customers don’t have to worry about upgrading their Cloudflare accounts to “Pro” and can setup everything right inside of cPanel. We also provide the […] The post How…

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  • How to Launch a WordPress Site that is Optimized for Search

    … be a priority. CDNs will help your static website assets load incredibly quick and take advantage of browser technology and geographic networks to crank up your site speed. SEO Friendly Theme – Page structure and theme design are absolutely critical when it comes to presenting the search engines with a great page. HTML5 markup, page structure…

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  • How to Launch a WordPress Site that is Optimized for Search

    … Website hosting – one of the reasons why we migrated to and love Flywheel is the speed of their virtual instances and caching. Managed WordPress hosts are built specifically for WordPress performance and they won’t lead you astray on support like generic hosts do. CDN – If your host doesn’t offer a content delivery network, adding one should…

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  • How to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

    …. You can also lazy load images so they only actually appear when the user scrolls to them within view. Caching is provided by our host, Flywheel. If your host doesn’t provide caching, there are some great plugins out there that will help you. We recommend WP Rocket for those that want to avoid all the tweaking of the other plugins out there…

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