• The Value of YouTube's New End Screens Feature for Brands and Publishers

    … the likelihood of that brand’s videos gaining more attention across the entire site. This is because YouTube uses the watch time metric, calculated by average view duration times the number of video views, in its promotional video algorithm as a way to determine which content audiences deem worth their time. YouTube then promotes that content…

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  • Email Marketing 101: How to Craft Effective Calls-to-Action

    … What’s the most important component of a marketing email? Great copy? Imaginative design? Compelling imagery? Although they are all critically important, a solid case could be made that they are all secondary to the Call to Action (CTA). That’s because every marketing email is sent for the same reason – to trigger costumer action. If it’s…

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  • Creative Email Call-to-Action Ideas That Really Drive Action

    … viewing the infographic? View it here!) Try testing one of these new calls-to-actions in your next email campaign. Then, pay attention to your reports and take note of any changes in your click through rate. The more personable you can be in your emails, the more likely people are to click. So say goodbye to “click here” and hello to your shiny new…

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  • How to Crack the Email Call-to-Action Code

    No matter what type of business you own, every email you send should have an action for readers to take. If you run a nonprofit, that action will likely be to donate. For a restaurant, maybe it’s to check out the new menu items or make a reservation. A retail business may want to drive customers to their online store. This is where your email call-to-action, or CTA, comes in.

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  • 5 Eye-Catching Ways To Makeover Your Blog Today

    …” and resources page to maximize your conversion rate as well as make it easy for your readers to subscribe. If you need help deciding which mailing list plugin to use, here’s a post on the 8 Best WordPress Mailing List Plugins for List Building Magic. Optimize your site’s loading time Do you find that even though you surf the web on your super…

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  • 10 Characteristics of Killer Twitter CTAs You Can Use Today

    … A CTA, or call-to-action, tells your audience what action you want them to take. It lights the path to the next point of engagement with your brand, and is a cornerstone of marketing messages both on- and offline. When it comes to Twitter, the typical actions that most brands want to see are clicks, follows, retweets, replies…

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  • YouTube Advertising: Do Partner Revenue Terms Need to Be Clearer?

    … Do YouTube Partners Get Paid Extra if a Pre-Roll Ad is Clicked? We constantly get asked questions on this subject, so it’s time to clear some things up about ads on YouTube and how creators can earn money from monetizing their content. I hope. I say I hope because all of the information I’ve gathered is scattered across different support…

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  • How-to Master the Facebook Video Algorithm: 3 Winning Tactics

    … to Facebook means more organic reach, but what many still don't know is that uploading native video content also gives brands a huge opportunity to push a “call to action” within a video post. After a native Facebook video plays, the viewer is presented with two options: replay the video or click the designated call to action button. While the call…

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  • Part 6: SEM Ad Copy Testing Insights for Your CMO

    … Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion tells us that “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” This is also true in advertising. SEM provides the perfect laboratory to test and learn how customers will react to different calls-to-action. The industry standard best practice is to include a call-to-action in every piece…

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  • How to Create Great Landing Pages That Convert

    … should have. If you're using it for paid search and you know exactly which campaign and keywords are going there, obviously those keywords should be used and targeted on that landing page, it should be relevant to what people are searching - this is step 1. Step 2? Clear call to action. You can't just sort of hope that someone is going to know…

    Dan Morosi/ ROI Factor Blogin Paid Search- 24 readers -
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