• Facebook Watch Time: 15 Ways to Increase Views and Engagement

    … that in order to save their content and social teams time, they can create one video and simply cross-post it on various social video platforms. Unfortunately, as the stat above proves, Facebook users are far less inclined to share a non-native Facebook video, which is counter-productive to your goal of getting more shares to increase your overall watch…

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  • 8 Best Practices for Brands Using Instagram Stories

    … Instagram’s move to make its Stories feature more like Snapchat’s has drawn in quite a lot of viewers. With an increase of 50 million users in the past three months, Instagram Stories is looking more promising as a way for brands to entice new followers to watch their content on this platform. But simply using this feature doesn’t guarantee…

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  • The Value of YouTube's New End Screens Feature for Brands and Publishers

    … mobile audiences by 100%. These mobile users will then potentially buy more products via linked End Screens, leave YouTube with a more favorable impression of the brand, or even watch more videos on its channel. In this way, End Screens are also incredibly beneficial in terms of improving watch time across a brand’s entire channel, which increases…

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  • Email Marketing 101: How to Craft Effective Calls-to-Action

    … What’s the most important component of a marketing email? Great copy? Imaginative design? Compelling imagery? Although they are all critically important, a solid case could be made that they are all secondary to the Call to Action (CTA). That’s because every marketing email is sent for the same reason – to trigger costumer action. If it’s…

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  • Creative Email Call-to-Action Ideas That Really Drive Action

    … You’ve figured out what to say in your email, designed it to catch the eye of your reader, and sent it out. You check your email marketing reports and… surprise! People are opening it! But they aren’t clicking. They aren’t taking action. You aren’t driving them to where you want them to be. It’s time to think about changing your email’s call…

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  • How to Crack the Email Call-to-Action Code

    … call-to-action, or CTA, comes in. A powerful CTA can persuade even the most stubborn and hesitant reader to take action. But crafting a successful call-to-action is more than just providing a tempting offer. Below you’ll find five best practices for your email call-to-action, as well as actionable tips you can begin using right away. 1. Choose one…

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