• Ensure Your Customers Come Back With These Top Tips

    … Ensure Your Customers Come Back With These Top Tips by Aaron Leave a Comment Some customers are fiercely loyal, but others like to shop around for the best deal and try new brands and services. You can’t force a customer’s hand, but you can try to tip the balance so that they come back to you for repeat services. There are various ways to keep…

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  • Snapchat et Instagram Stories : 7 idées de campagnes marketing pour Noël

    … les stories Snapchat avec leurs contacts. Il est donc dans votre intérêt de proposer un contenu original et adapté pour leur donner envie de le faire découvrir à leurs amis. A vos marques, prêts, snapez ! The post Snapchat et Instagram Stories : 7 idées de campagnes marketing pour Noël appeared first on Hootsuite Social Media Management. …

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  • Why Men are Tweeting Pictures of Their Food in the #Meatand2Veg Campaign

    … Why Men are Tweeting Pictures of Their Food in the #Meatand2Veg Campaign by Aaron Leave a Comment The idea of men joining using Twitter to takeover kitchens worldwide may seem like a novel idea, but the message is anything but a laughing matter. Every year, more than 4,000 new cases of male reproductive cancer are diagnosed, and patients…

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  • Name Hero: Making Hosting Great Again!

    … This month, I’ve been preparing a massive marketing campaign to bring in 2017 with a huge boom! January and February are historically very big months for the web hosting industry as a lot of small businesses like to start their New Year fresh with a reliable web host. I can’t tell you how many inquiries […] The post Name Hero: Making Hosting Great Again! appeared first on Startup Hero. …

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  • 4 Creative Ways to Use Instagram for Business

    … account. Users browse through product images and are redirected to individual product accounts by tapping on the images. IKEA’s fully functional, interlinked Instagram “website.” You can adapt this campaign strategy to your business with a bit of patience. First, make sure you have individual emails set up for each product category you want…

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  • How to Use Facebook Video Ads to Nurture Leads

    … Do you want more leads from Facebook? Interested in using video ads to automatically nurture your leads? Using Facebook video ads as part of an automated lead nurturing campaign lets you warm up your prospects. In this article, you’ll discover how to generate and convert leads with Facebook video ads. Discover how to nurture leads using…

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  • 5 Important Tips for a Successful Social Media Campaign

    … force in their respective niches. In this article, I will give my answer to a question that is probably boggling a lot of you and namely, what is the social media strategy that works and what you need to do for a successful campaign? Read on to find out! 1. Stop Being Shy Even though most realize the potential, many don’t feel comfortable sharing…

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  • The Rise of Text Messages as a Political Ad Medium

    While many remember Donald Trump’s Super Tuesday victory speech for Chris Christie’s vacant expression standing alongside the GOP frontrunner on stage, the big story for me was the sign on the podium. It contained the candidate’s name, as they all do, but with the notable addition of instructions for joining the campaign via text message.

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  • Leveraging Periscope beyond Periscope

    …In our previous eTip, “Can you see the future through a Periscope?“, we introduced you to this live-video streaming network that made a huge splash into the social spheres not long ago and explained why you should be tapping into the streaming potential for any number of activities. But do you have the tools to... View Article…

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  • Let’s warm up #Snowmaggedon2016 with a whopping dose of Sunny.

    …For the past few years during the winter months, Starmark has created a mega-wall billboard for Greater Fort Lauderdale CVB in the middle of Times Square — grabbing the attention of freezing New Yorkers with Hello Sunny messaging. This winter, we decided to take this big idea and make it even bigger. Starmark’s media... View Article…

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  • Launching on Social Media: A Timeline for Business Owners

    … manager (or team) should be coordinating with the marketing team or other marketing agencies (depending on the size of the company) to make sure the social media plan is integrated into a big-picture marketing approach for the brand. You’ll want to do a competitive analysis to get a feel for your market. This makes it easier to decide how you want…

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  • 14 Different Terms Used Across Marketing Automation Platforms

    … I’m not sure why marketers always feel compelled to make up their own terminology for virtually everything… but we do. Even though marketing automation platforms have fairly consistent features, each of the most popular marketing automation providers call each feature something different. If you’re evaluating platforms, this could get pretty…

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