Campaign Structure

  • 4 Red Flags Of Ineffective PPC Account Structure

    … with nearly every new client we onboard having at least some semblance of a strong and cohesive structure. Despite this, it’s important to keep an eye our for indicators that your structure is not operating as intended. For the remainder of this post, we’ll discuss a couple areas where you can spot these red flags flying: quality score analysis…

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  • Should You Be Creating Device Specific Campaigns?

    September 21, 2016 Back in August, it was announced that Google would allow device bid adjustments on computers and tablets, and not just on mobile devices. With this announcement came the capability to segment campaigns once again by device. But creating new device specific campaigns is a lot of work and can potentially overcrowd your account.

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  • Can You Be Squeezing More Out Of Your Brand Campaign?

    … for this theme so it makes sense to create another ad group and then add “regular” as a negative keyword in the general ad group. Concluding Thoughts There is more than meets the eye with brand campaigns.The inclination is that because brand traffic is generally inexpensive and produces highly positive results, it works fine as is. However, just like you would with non-brand campaigns, always be looking to further segment your keywords. You always want to give searchers the most relevant experience. Related Posts …

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  • Facebook Revamps Ads Report Dashboard in Ads Manager

    …” section now has four main buttons: The “Level” button allows users to see statistics at each individual level accounts, campaigns, ad sets and ads. The “Customize Columns” button allows users to choose the columns and information to be displayed in their reports. The “Breakdown” button offers a view of campaigns by three main categories…

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  • BUSINESS MANAGER: Facebook’s Guide for Agencies

    … News first surfaced in March about Facebook’s Business Manager, which was described as a single interface for enterprises and agencies to manage multiple ad campaigns and pages. The social network then announced in April that it was expanding the availability of Business Manager, but details about the tool have been scant, until now…

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