Campaign Structure

  • 4 Red Flags Of Ineffective PPC Account Structure

    … February 21, 2017 Whether it’s kicking off with a new client, conducting an audit, or delivering a comprehensive solutions blueprint, analysis of account structure is always a major indicator of account health. A properly groomed PPC account structure both reflects and streamlines every aspect of a marketing strategy. The intricacies…

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  • Should You Be Creating Device Specific Campaigns?

    …, and so no segmentation would be needed at the campaign-level. If these results showed that the CTR on mobile devices is dramatically higher when a mobile-specific ad was shown, then you would have to consider setting up a mobile-specific campaign in order to write the mobile ads within the expanded ad copy. Will The Extra Build Outs Help Or Hurt My…

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  • Can You Be Squeezing More Out Of Your Brand Campaign?

    … August 4, 2016 One of the first lessons you are taught as a PPC professional is to separate your brand and non-brand keyword campaigns. Not only will your ad be more relevant to searchers, but your cost-per-click (CPC) will most likely be lower because the keywords have high quality scores. Additionally, if users are searching for your brand…

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