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  • Go-To-Market Strategy: Driving Incredible Success

    I work in the commercial real estate space, at a swiftly-growing business that regularly launches new physical properties/businesses. As the marketing executive, I’m always thinking about the most effective go-to-market strategy for new stores. Today’s post is meant to offer a checklist for anyone else in the same situation.

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  • My Complete Guide To Personalization

    … Is personalization towards the top of your 2016 marketing strategy? Do you have a little extra time to read a ~3,000 word post that will take your segmentation and personalization strategy to the next level? I just wrote a guest blog post over at the incomparable Acquisio blog that is sure to help! I’m thrilled to share with you one of my…

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  • Your Customer Care Is Your Brand

    … of the brand. Hence, the title of this blog post: Your customer care is your brand. Marketing in 2016 is more interdisciplinary than ever. The best marketers are spending a huge amount of their time collaborating with their customer care teams. Without customer care, your marketing will get left behind. All of this leads me to my latest guest blog post…

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  • My Engagement-Based Marketing Segmentation Tips

    … consumer, with the most personally relevant experience possible. How is all of this possible? What is the hub of this strategy, the brains that dictates which creative, experience, messaging to deliver to each consumer? The hub is your segmentation, arguably the most important part of your modern marketing strategy. Today, I wanted to provide a few…

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  • Dollar Cost Averaging In Digital Marketing

    … I’m an investor and I believe certain concepts within investing apply to all areas of business and life. Today, I want to discuss one of my absolute favorite investing concepts and how it applies to digital marketing. Let’s talk about dollar cost averaging! I’ll illustrate via example… Let’s say you’ve identified a stock or investment that you…

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  • Reactivating An Inactive SEM Account

    … of businesses tend to lend themselves to start/stop cycles in terms of digital marketing. I’m talking about pausing and unpausing accounts and campaigns. My guest post is catered to these types of businesses. It’s all about Reactivating Dormant SEM Accounts. In addition to reactivation tips, I also include tips for safely "pausing" accounts during times…

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  • Tips For Testing New Things In Marketing

    …, especially those in retail). Today, I wanted to share some high level tips and frameworks as you explore your own testing strategy. Never stop dreaming up new ideas. As performance marketers, I view each of us as "Mini CEOs". There are few disciplines as multi-disciplinary as digital marketing, and you are truly in the driver’s seat to create change…

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