• Cannes Briefing: Late capitalism on the Riviera

    … In retrospect, maybe Cannes started to decline when that couple had sex on the red carpet two years ago. At the time, it was a symbol of how Cannes had grown into something of a bacchanalia. But looking back, that was probably peak Cannes. Cannes started as a way to laud advertising creatives, and it has now turned into a celebration of late…

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  • Cannes Briefing: The battle of the ad tech yachts

    … The ad tech flotilla has become a fixture of Cannes — and the growing presence of ad tech. Whether it is a sign of health or dubious spending is up for some debate. One ad tech firm founder, when asked why he isn’t getting a yacht, told me it was a “dick-measuring contest.” Another CEO who did have a yacht perhaps summed it up best: “I’m not a fan…

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  • The New York Times CEO on state of digital advertising: ‘Nightmarish joke’

    … Count The New York Times CEO Mark Thompson among those unhappy with the state of the digital ad market, beset by fraud, bots, bad ad placements and oodles of ad tech. “The world of digital advertising is a nightmarish joke,” he said during a panel discussion at Cannes. “Mark Zuckerberg’s first post about fake news, Facebook managed to serve an ad…

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  • Consulting firms are crashing the party in Cannes

    … Management consultancies are taking their tussle with agencies for marketing budgets to the Croisette in Cannes. Accenture Interactive, Deloitte, PwC, Ernst & Young and McKinsey will all be out in force at the festival. Purists might argue their presence is indicative of how industrialized advertising has become, but few can deny…

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  • Cannes Briefing: Snapchat looms large at Cannes

    … Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have all shelled out for beach spaces and have scheduled a series of panels and events throughout Cannes. Snap, once again, is forging a different path. The newly-public company has erected a yellow ferris wheel right outside Le Palais. It’s called “Le Grande Roul” and is open to both delegates and the public. People…

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  • The definitive Digiday guide to what’s in and out at Cannes this year

    … Cannes keeps changing. Here’s what’s in and what’s out for this year. Download our full Cannes Survival Guide, featuring our inaugural Cannescape, Confessions of a Cannes local and Eater’s guide to the best restaurants in Cannes. Also, sign up to get our Digiday Daily Cannes Briefing email newsletter each day next week for the latest from…

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  • ‘Don’t order the seafood platter’: The beginner’s guide to Cannes

    … Every year, the media and marketing industry decamps for the Cannes Lions. For many, this is an annual pilgrimage. But there are always the wide-eyed newcomers, excited and nervous for their first time immersed in the bacchanal that is Cannes. We spoke to Cannes veterans — those who have been on the front lines and seen it all — for their pearls…

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  • Rivierawear: What agency veterans are packing for Cannes

    … Despite its dreamy backdrop, Cannes Lions is no vacation, so attendees have to think beyond sunglasses and seersucker shorts. After all, when you leave for the day, there’s no telling when you’ll see your suitcase again. We asked two agency veterans at Huge, global ecd Jason Musante and managing director of media Beth Mach, to share what…

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