Canoe.Ca is a Canadian portal site and website network, and is a subsidiary of Quebecor Media. The phrase Canadian Online Explorer appears in the header of the English version of the site; the name is also evidently a play on words on canoe (or canoë in French). Canoe's head office in Toronto at 333 King Street is a provider of news, entertainment and services, and is in the top 100 domains in Canada in terms of traffic according to Alexa Internet. The Canoe Network attracts over 7.7 million monthly visitors and includes separate English and French portals at and fr.canoe.
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  • 3 CPG Brands That Tell Inspiring Stories

    Somewhere just north of the border, a man is running across Canada. Extreme athlete and diabetic Sébastien Sasseville is on his way to Vancouver, and when he arrives in November he’ll have run the equivalent of 180 marathons. It’s a journey that will test his strength and resolve while inspiring millions of Canadians to adopt a healthier lifestyle. It’s all unfolding in a 20-episode web series.

    Tessa Wegert/ The Content Strategist- 4 readers -
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