Canonization (in American English and Oxford spelling) or canonisation (in majority British English) is the act by which the Catholic Church or Eastern Orthodox Church declares a deceased person to be a saint, upon which declaration the person is included in the canon, or list, of recognized saints. Originally, individuals were recognized as saints without any formal process. Later, different processes, such as those used by the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church were developed.
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  • The Great Link Paradox

    …. There’s a small group of Googlers who are more in touch with the real world than anyone else – Webmaster Trends Analysts, most notably John Mueller (whom I’ve taken liberty to canonise). Dan Petrovic is a well-known Australian SEO and a managing director of Dejan SEO. He has published numerous research articles in the field of search engine optimisation and online marketing. Dan's work is highly regarded by the world-wide SEO community and featured on some of the most reputable websites in the industry. …

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