• Translate Your Closed Captions & Reach a Wider Global Audience

    … videos for longer, watch more of your videos, and spend a longer time on YouTube because of it. If a Spanish speaker happens upon your video and it is not translated, they are much more likely to abandon the video. What Languages Should I Translate Captions Into? Now that you're sold on the SEO benefits of video translation, you're probably…

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  • JW Player on The Latest in Video Technology Innovations

    Jeroen “JW” Wijering, founder of JW Player, and a pioneer of the online video player, highlights the best in state-of-the-art video technology for 2014. JW walks us through the current industry standards, how HTML5 is changing the way video is consumed, how adaptive streaming works, and why you should be captioning your video content.

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  • How to Add Closed Captions to Facebook Videos

    Now that Facebook users are watching 1 billion videos on the site every day, any opportunity to make that video content accessible to all users is a very welcome thing. The feature has been in place on YouTube and Vimeo for years, and finally, Facebook has added the functionality to upload closed captions to videos published to its site (if you are in the U.S.).

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  • Do Video Closed Captions Really Deliver ROI? Yes! [Creators Tip #155]

    Most video marketers are aware of the SEO and audience retention benefits that caption files can have on their YouTube videos, but still don't add captions because of the time and expense it takes create them. In this interview with 3PlayMedia, they share the math formula to use that will reveal when using YouTube captions on your videos will return a positive ROI from the ad re ...

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  • How Closed Captions Increase Video Views, Rankings and ROI [Study]

    … who viewed a transcript. They found that 7.23% viewed at least one transcript. Further, they found a 6.68% increase in search traffic attributable to transcripts. Improving Search Engine Rank with Transcripts Transcription has been a core part of SafeNet's video SEO strategy for years; recently, they were curious to see how quickly video…

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