• 4 Tips for Starting Your Freelance Career Quickly

      Many people spend their lifetimes trying to start a freelance career. But it doesn’t need to be that way. The obstacles preventing you from starting your career might vary. You might make excuses and not want to leave the comfort of your 9 to 5 job. Or you might fear the uncertainty of the life of a freelancer and feel it’s not the right time. The truth is, you’ll never be 100% ready.

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  • Entrepreneurial You – Book Interview

    … have incredible talent and novel ideas, but figuring out how to get started, building your reputation, developing multiple revenue streams, and bringing in a steady flow of new clients can be a daunting prospect. Dorie Clark, a successful entrepreneur and author, has done it all. And in Entrepreneurial You she provides a blueprints…

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  • Entrepreneurial You – Book Interview

    … unusual or fun that most people don’t know about you? I do standup comedy as a hobby, and have also been accepted into a leading musical theater fellowship program that I’ll be starting in 2018. Q: Is there a piece of marketing content that you’re particularly proud of? My books, I suppose! (Stand Out, Reinventing You, and Entrepreneurial You) Contact information Thanks Dorie. Happy Marketing, Heidi Cohen …

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  • Seeking Copywriting Apprentice – Apprenticeship Program 2017

    … In 2016 I put myself out there and brought on an apprentice at Jeffalytics. It was one of the best decisions I could have made for my business. Go read that article before continuing with this post. This year, we are looking to add a writer to our team. Here are the details for the 2017 program. This is going to sound weird… … But the ideal…

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  • Psyched Up – Book Interview

    …, clarify their message, and figure out the most compelling way to communicate it. Q: What are 1-3 books that inspired your work/career? When I went to college I intended to work on Wall Street, and I majored in finance. My freshman English teacher—his name is George O’Har at Boston College—convinced me to do a double-major in English, and I started…

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  • Defining the Roles of Partners in an Agency Business

    … Earlier this month, we asked “Should freelancers partner up to form an Agency?” Today we elaborate on the roles that should be covered in the agency business. If you have been working as a freelancer or consultant, the idea teaming up with others to form a business partnership can be exciting. But there are also a lot of daunting questions…

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  • Should freelancers partner up to form an agency?

    … I often come across freelancers who want to partner up with other freelancers to form an agency. The logic is simple: birds of a feather flock together. Two freelancers working together to solve a problem is better than one. But is this a good idea? Should freelancers partner with someone just because they have complementary skill sets? The goal…

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  • The Duct Tape CEO

    … Duct tape has always been a handy asset in my home. Whether it’s used on a leaking faucet or a busted bumper, duct tape fixes almost everything. It may not be the prettiest, but it is a quick fix. It’s an instant and affordable solution to a problem that will be fixed with more money and effort in the future. In many ways, we hold our careers…

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  • How Facebook Can Build Or Destroy An Entrepreneur’s Career

    … How Facebook Can Build Or Destroy An Entrepreneur’s Career February 17, 2017 by Meagan Freeman Leave a Comment The world is starting to realize that Facebook is much more than an entertainment source. This social media giant has become pretty powerful. In fact, some rely on the site for their wellbeing. So, what happens when Facebook decides…

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  • Are You Just Another Hard Worker… or a Smart Worker?

    … Hard work is the only way to get ahead in life (and business). I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that saying over the years, thinking that working hard was the key to success. Of course, now I look back fondly on the naivety of that advice. And how it led me to $20,000 in credit card debt and a bout of depression. Hard work, you did…

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  • How to Make 6 Figures as a Marketing Consultant

    … One question hear often from my students is about money. “How much money can I make with my newly minted digital marketing skills?” While the amount varies based on skill level, I commonly tell them that they can make 6-figures as marketing consultants. That’s $100,000 US or more. This post shares the logic behind that answer. Is it possible…

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  • Personal Branding: How to Build Your Brand in 4 Simple Steps

    …When you think of personal branding, superstars come to mind—icons such as Oprah Winfrey, Mark Zuckerberg, Kim Kardashian, and Ellen DeGeneres. With such giants in the public sphere, it’s easy to forget that personal branding doesn’t always result in national news coverage, a multi-million-dollar TV show, or a personal clothing line. Sometimes…

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  • You Can Have It All! A Guide to Raising Children Whilst Working from Home

    …? What jobs comply with your daily child care routine? Produce a Schedule: Once you have decided on your home career path, start producing a daily schedule that allocates specific timeslots for both your working hours and parenting duties. Line your day up carefully with set “office” hours to determine when you will complete certain tasks…

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  • Growing your SEO Knowledge

    …’ perspectives on key topics. This will develop into building a trusted network of peers who can support you in really growing your digital career to be whatever you want it to be. Digital Marketing, and SEO specifically, may seem overwhelming at first. With a tonne of things to learn and jargon flying about, it may feel like you’ll never understand…

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