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  • Krista Seiden Interview Transcript

    Last month I had the opportunity to interview Krista Seiden from the Google Analytics team for the podcast. Today we are sharing the transcript for that podcast for those of you who prefer to read interviews. On to the interview! Jeff Sauer: Hello and welcome to the Jumpstart Podcast with Jeffalytics. I’m your host Jeff Sauer.

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  • Krista Seiden Interview Transcript

    … was looking into the future and could see the analytics industry growing infinitely and that there was going to be a huge career path for me there.” All these years later, I would very much like to thank him for that advice. The analytics industry is growing infinitely and there is a huge career path opportunity Click to Tweet Jeff Sauer: That’s great…

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  • Getting to Know Rand Fishkin in a 7,829 Word Interview Transcript!

    … A month ago I started my podcast, and it has already become my all-time favorite project. The guests are just so interesting, candid and inspiring. Our first episode featured Rand Fishkin talking about his journey to entrepreneurship. While there was a good number of downloads/listens of the podcast, I know that many people prefer to consume…

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  • How to Get a Job in Digital Marketing in 4 Steps

    Getting hired in Digital Marketing should be easy. There are more open job postings than qualified candidates. With more demand for skills than supply, the market is ripe for anyone looking to get a job as a digital marketer. And yet I meet hundreds of people a year who find breaking into digital marketing to be a seemingly insurmountable task.

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  • Someone is Always Listening and Your Words Have Impact

    About 1% of the posts I write get more than 100 social shares. Probably 50% of the posts get no shares beyond my auto scheduled social posts. It is enough to want me to give up writing at times. But there are always moments that keep me pushing forward, and they always come from the most unexpected places. Like the time that I wrote this blog post that had about 500 views when published.

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