Career Development

  • The Top 5 Things Brands Want Their Agencies To Know

    … in Los Angeles, it makes sense that they won’t have as deep an understanding of programmatic buying as someone who works at a media agency that specializes exclusively in digital. As a result, Carty says the brands he works with want their agencies to be proactive about teaching them about emerging trends and providing guidance in their areas…

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  • Here’s Why LinkedIn Is Career CPR

    … “I’ve pretty much killed my career.” That statement from a former colleague sent a chill through me as I shared a drink with her recently. She’s looking for a job after spending more than a decade working for a national company. Since she worked absurdly long hours and also had a family to care for, she didn’t have much time for networking…

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  • 7 Essential Tips for Media Managers to Achieve Professional Success

    … thing on your to-do list is probably “pursue professional networking opportunities.” The reality is, however, you are constantly networking—between sales calls, evening events and customer conversations, you’re talking to folks who can (and will) help you in your career. Too often, we assume that other people will intuitively understand our career…

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