• There is no glory in “old school” marketing

      By Mark Schaefer “I’m not into social media,” one marketing executive recently told me (with pride). “I don’t even have a LinkedIn profile. I’m old school.” Old School. What does that even mean? Usually I find that’s simply another way of saying “I’m stubborn, resistant to change, and scared out of my mind that I am becoming irrelevant.

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  • The Ultimate Interview Guide for Fresh Graduates

    … with yourself. You’ll be amazed how doing so magically improves your vocal skills and boosts your confidence as well. Mock Interview: Another way to practice for any interview is by going for mock interviews. Many career services offer mock interview sessions. You just need to treat them like real interviews in order to polish your skills. Video…

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  • Introducing the new Digiday Careers

    … Digiday is excited to introduce a completely new Digiday Careers. A redesigned site and a brand new awards program, the Digiday WorkLife Awards, highlight a refresh of Digiday’s careers product. With a new, cleaner look and a redesigned interface, Digiday Careers’ new website delivers a more fluid user experience and better organizes…

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  • Why 30 may be the most important number of your career

    … By Mark Schaefer I come from a world that celebrates impatience. Most of my career was spent in a large public company where there was only one standard of progress — beat the expectations of Wall Street, every quarter, every year, without excuse, without end. Life was run in the short-term. It was not unusual to compromise long-term benefits…

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  • A strategy to stay relevant in a tumultuous marketing world

    … By Mark Schaefer Three years ago, I was working on what would be the biggest consulting contract of my career. It was a potential deal with a U.S. government agency and as part of the bidding process I had to be interviewed by their senior procurement professionals via Skype. It was a bit intimidating. The stakes were high and I was facing…

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  • Kelly Cutrone on the state of fashion: ‘There isn’t a shift afoot — there’s a gorge.’

    … ‘I’m not in the mood to do a ‘Where’s Kelly Cutrone?’ story, if that’s what this is,’ says Kelly Cutrone. It’s an understandable sentiment, given how much press she’s gotten over the last few years, press she’s simply tired of. Much of that stemmed from her role on MTV’s ‘The City‘ and ‘The Hills,’ where audiences knew her as the fearsome maven…

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  • The most memorable martech resume I’ve seen

    … resume is just one part of the recruiting process. I encourage you to look at others’ resumes and LinkedIn profiles for inspiration. Have a question on recruiting or career transitions to propose for this column? Please email Don’t worry, we’ll keep your name and company confidential. Readers: Erica is on the board…

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  • The True Meaning of Hustle

    … By Mark Schaefer When I was 14 years old I needed a job. I needed a job because I needed money. My family didn’t have the money to buy me a bike and I needed transportation. I wanted to buy a stereo system (records!) … and I had recently discovered girls. So I needed to find some money. Through my years of prepubescence, I had done everything I…

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  • Three strategies to take the heat out of customer conflict

    …, but you get the idea. The paragraph above puts our mutual ideas into words that act as the anchor of our ongoing collaboration. Whenever our visions diverge during the back and forth, we go back to this guideline. We remember our promise. 2) Double-down on decency In the early stages of my career, I often reacted in a passive-aggressive way when…

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