• 10 Profound digital marketing trends to you need to know about now

      By Mark Schaefer This is the time of year marketing bloggers make the prediction that “this is the year of social video” (for the tenth year in a row!) But I can’t help but make some predictions — thinking about what’s coming next is my professional fuel! I love to connect the dots in new ways and dream about the implications and what the new year will hold for us.

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    • How I will remain relevant when the bots come for me

      By Mark Schaefer A couple years ago I was playing around with an early version of IBM’s Watson technology. It allowed me to input marketing data from various sources to see what connections could be made. To my surprise, the output of this exercise was a suggestion of the questions I should be asking about the data set.

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    • How to build a better, more robust online career

      By Mars Dorian, {grow} Contributing Columnist You may have read Mark Schaefer’s inspirational and impressive post about his 18 sources of online revenue. I wow’d all the way. Not only is it an incredible example of diversifying your income, it’s also the smart way to conduct your online business in 2018.

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  • 5 Expensive Pension Mistakes That Are More Common Than You Think

    … your retirement contributions. Low-fee options are worth exploring because, over time, those small fees add up tremendously. 4. Relying on your Property Assets to Help You in Your Retirement If you’re asset-rich in the form of a nice home that you’ve invested in, don’t assume it will translate to you one day being cash-rich if you sell…

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  • Human Resources and Tracking the Talent Effectively

    … without the internet eludes many people today. Applicant Viewpoint: Advantages & Disadvantages The invention (or availability) of the internet has provided disadvantages and advantages. People can browse through several job openings, including those on career sites (which have job openings, career tips, and more). Surely, this ability has made…

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  • How to succeed in the ego-ravaged drama queen world of social media

    … By Mark Schaefer So let’s get this out on the table. Trying to make a name for yourself in this social media world can hurt. The angst of wanting to be heard feels familiar every time some sort of social media “list” comes out. Most of these lists are meaningless, self-promotional stunts. Deep down, most people realize this. Still … Lots…

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  • 3 Powerful Lessons for Novice Freelancers and Entrepreneurs

    … of success. Those definitions will always be just a little bit out of reach, or they’ll distract you from the opportunities that can really drive your career forward. If you run around chasing everyone else’s approval or definitions of success, you’ll find that you work twice as hard and barely make real progress on what really matters: Building…

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  • Don’t Review Your Employer on Glassdoor Until You Read This!

    … By Kerry Gorgone, {grow} Contributing Columnist Unless you know someone at a company that’s hiring, it can be difficult to know what it’s actually like to work there. Sites like Glassdoor offer a rare, unfiltered view into salary levels, management, culture, and other things that the company’s external facing website and communications tend…

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  • There is no glory in “old school” marketing

    ….” If you are the type who is wearing “old school” like a badge of courage … Don’t. That’s basically the same as telling people you’re obsolete. I’m much more appreciative of the exec who came up to me last week and asked for help. “I’ve spent my career in the print business,” she said. “How do I adjust?” That’s the right attitude. Last year, Unilever…

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  • The Ultimate Interview Guide for Fresh Graduates

    … attention to some imperative tips, you can add a lot of ease and peace to your job interview preparation. This advice will help you get a job offer, as well as improve your overall persona and presentation, benefiting you in many spheres of personal and professional life. So here’s the ultimate interview guide that will get you all prepped up. Practice…

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  • Introducing the new Digiday Careers

    … Digiday is excited to introduce a completely new Digiday Careers. A redesigned site and a brand new awards program, the Digiday WorkLife Awards, highlight a refresh of Digiday’s careers product. With a new, cleaner look and a redesigned interface, Digiday Careers’ new website delivers a more fluid user experience and better organizes…

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  • What to Consider if Relocating for Your Freelancing Career

    … Have you ever considered relocating to another area to benefit your career? What about another country? My family has actually relocated a few times, so we have some experience with what that’s like. It has been quite fun, but it also comes with its challenges. It is helpful to be as prepared as possible. Managing your expectations is also…

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  • Why 30 may be the most important number of your career

    … By Mark Schaefer I come from a world that celebrates impatience. Most of my career was spent in a large public company where there was only one standard of progress — beat the expectations of Wall Street, every quarter, every year, without excuse, without end. Life was run in the short-term. It was not unusual to compromise long-term benefits…

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  • A strategy to stay relevant in a tumultuous marketing world

    … By Mark Schaefer Three years ago, I was working on what would be the biggest consulting contract of my career. It was a potential deal with a U.S. government agency and as part of the bidding process I had to be interviewed by their senior procurement professionals via Skype. It was a bit intimidating. The stakes were high and I was facing…

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  • Kelly Cutrone on the state of fashion: ‘There isn’t a shift afoot — there’s a gorge.’

    … ‘I’m not in the mood to do a ‘Where’s Kelly Cutrone?’ story, if that’s what this is,’ says Kelly Cutrone. It’s an understandable sentiment, given how much press she’s gotten over the last few years, press she’s simply tired of. Much of that stemmed from her role on MTV’s ‘The City‘ and ‘The Hills,’ where audiences knew her as the fearsome maven…

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