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    • 5 Key Strategies to Break into the $2 Trillion Public Sector Market

      Companies often overlook the bounty of opportunities in the public sector. They see breaking into the business of government contracting as daunting or only for the largest players. It is true that breaking into the government marketplace can initially be complex. But it can be also be a valuable and lucrative sales growth opportunity for your business.

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  • The Ultimate Interview Guide for Fresh Graduates

    … with yourself. You’ll be amazed how doing so magically improves your vocal skills and boosts your confidence as well. Mock Interview: Another way to practice for any interview is by going for mock interviews. Many career services offer mock interview sessions. You just need to treat them like real interviews in order to polish your skills. Video…

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  • What to Consider if Relocating for Your Freelancing Career

    … Have you ever considered relocating to another area to benefit your career? What about another country? My family has actually relocated a few times, so we have some experience with what that’s like. It has been quite fun, but it also comes with its challenges. It is helpful to be as prepared as possible. Managing your expectations is also…

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  • Ladder Life Insurance Makes It Easy to Protect Your Loved Ones

    … Ladder Life Insurance CEO Jamie Hale says, “Life insurance sits at the intersection of financial savviness and love.” At 11 years of age, Hale’s father passed away, leaving two sons and a widow. But because his father had planned for such an eventuality, the family didn’t have to fear losing their home or leaving their community. Insurance tends…

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  • Setting up Your For Hire Page: Do’s and Don’ts

    … This is a guest post from @IvanWalsh, a blogger and online marketer with over twenty years of IT experience who has been online since 1992 which is as early as you could BE online. He has skills in all the Internet Marketing Strategies you need to take your business or blog to the next level. Image Credit: Geralt at Pixabay modified with Canva…

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  • 5 Steps That Will Improve Workplace Productivity and Efficiency

    … precautionary measures to avoid workplace injuries, including slips and falls. 2. Identify “Motivation Killers” – Get Rid of ’em! You need to give this one careful thought – what are the underlying factors that are killing employee motivation? After all, if there’s little motivation, there’s going to be limited productivity or in some cases, none…

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  • 4 Ways to Protect Your Intellectual Property as a Software Company

    … You are a small business owner, nowhere near the level of Apple or Google. So you don’t believe your brand requires a tremendous amount of protection. But your thoughts could never be more wrong. The logo that you created, the brand that you are developing, the concepts and software that you are producing—they all have value that is worth more…

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  • Tips for When You Return to Work After an Addiction

    … a human condition. It’s up to you how you choose to handle the questions of others. But there is one bit of advice Per would like to share. He knows that it is easy for many people to make up a story about a sick, long-lost relative who needed your assistance. But what if today you say you visited an uncle and next week you forget you said that? What…

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  • Why You Should Not Allow Workplace Gambling

    … seeking. Besides gambling’s potential to be addictive, it is also important to be aware that many states place legal restrictions on betting. So the facts that gambling is unprofessional behavior, could be seriously harmful to employees, and could lead to legal trouble for your company are all good reasons not to tolerate workplace gambling. Watch…

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  • Life Insurance Advice from Four Famous Professionals

    … Life Insurance Advice from Four Famous Professionals August 4, 2016 By Dana Davis Leave a Comment So you already know you need a policy, but what do the financial experts have to say about why you need one and the types of coverage available? Check out this life insurance advice from leaders in the financial industry. Then get on with your…

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  • Why Many Schools Don’t Offer Degrees in Sales

    … Sales occupations will grow by 5% by 2024. Whenever you are looking to hire someone for your sales team, the chances are you look at the person’s education. You want to know what they’re made of. But rarely will you see anyone with an actual sales degree. Ask around the office and it’s highly unlikely that anyone will have any form of sales degree…

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  • Richard Branson’s Method To Make More Money By Doing Less Work

    … Yes, you read that headline correctly. I know that the statement: “Make More Money By Doing Less Work” stands against conventional entrepreneurial advice: “You need to be working 14 hours days, everyday” “Holidays! What’s a holiday?” “I got 3 hours of sleep last night, whilst I was listening to an audiobook” And, don’t get me wrong, you…

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  • Online Reputation Management Risks for Solopreneurs

    … will fall for you. This is where we speak of Self Management. Opportunities arise if clients are happy; and word of mouth travels fast in the business world. Take into account that a great impression sells more than an ad. The Threats Out There Last but not least we speak of threats. One of the most important departments in any company is the Legal…

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  • Should Working Professionals Take Time to Go Back to School?

    … Should Working Professionals Take Time to Go Back to School? November 4, 2015 By Dana Davis Leave a Comment It used to be that a single bout of education could carry a professional for a single career. After all, it’s not like the average education is short. From kindergarten through a masters or doctorate, most professionals spend a minimum…

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