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  • Cause Marketing: How your Company can Focus on Purpose as Well as Profit

    … Now more than ever before, cause marketing initiatives hold importance in the workplace. Companies who exhibit social responsibility have a competitive advantage as their values illustrate that they care about more than just increasing their bottom line. For consumers, this plays a critical role during the decision-making process and can…

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  • Marketing Your Corporate Giving to Increase Sales

    … Whether you’ve just launched your company or have been in business for several years, corporate giving is not only the “right” thing to do, but it will help grow your business as well. Incorporating a philanthropic event into your marketing plan will give your team and clients something to get excited about. As reported by MiBiz, the third most…

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  • The Best Branded Content of October

    A few weeks ago, I wrote an article called, “Why Your Brand Needs to Have an Opinion.” It was a quick piece to write, but it struck a chord. Many folks shared it, and others reached out to me with some version of “Amen!” or “YES THIS!” or “Hi Joe—our digital agency can help with your brand opinion if you have time for a 27 minute call!” I think it resonated because I wasn’t ju ...

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  • Big Brands have a Problem, Pear Has a Solution

    … that engage local communities and reach consumers on a very personal level. The problem, of course, is how a company can find, manage, and ensure success with local community efforts. Most big corporations lack the efforts to deploy to every community and do good… so along comes Pear to help them manage this! Pear makes sponsorship easy for groups…

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  • The Rise of Purpose-Driven Social Marketing

    … You’ll often find me in some huge debates online on anything related to politics, religion and capitalism… all the red-hot buttons that most people avoid. It’s why I have personal and branded presences across social media. If you want marketing only, follow the brand. If you want me, follow me… but be careful… you get all of me. While I’m…

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  • 7 Ways Nonprofits Create Win-Win Partnerships With For-Profits

    … Companies receive requests for support from nonprofits all the time. How can nonprofits stand out, capture attention and gain the support they need? Here are seven proven methods nonprofits can use to create a mutually beneficial program with for-profit businesses. 1. Research supporters’ interests. Post by Emancipet. Before asking any…

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  • 3 Cause Marketing Tips from a Nonprofit Veterinary

    … A lot goes into any cause marketing campaign. Nonprofits have to determine what type of campaign to use. They have to pitch potential for-profit partners. They have to develop a strategy – in conjunction with the for-profit – for how to publicize it. They have to do all those things, but they may want to consider the following three tips…

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  • Visual Vault: Raising Awareness

    … the narrative through visual media. Be careful; Macklemore’s public apology after his Grammy’s win was so flagrantly self-interested that he has received even more public ill will. The Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR) uses Instagram to raise awareness about AIDS and to build excitement and support for its fundraisers and auctions. Brand tip: give your audience a sneak peek into upcoming events with behind-the-scenes footage. Want to see more items from the Visual Vault? Click here! …

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