In statistics and computational geometry, the notion of centerpoint is a generalization of the median to data in higher-dimensional Euclidean space. Given a set of points in d-dimensional space, a centerpoint of the set is a point such that any hyperplane that goes through that point divides the set of points in two roughly equal subsets: the smaller part should have at least a 1/(d + 1) fraction of the points. Like the median, a centerpoint need not be one of the data points. Every non-empty set of points (with no duplicates) has at least one centerpoint.
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  • The many definitions of the term ‘platform’

    … and customization (APIs, SDKS, etc.) at its core, not as an afterthought. For something to be called a platform, it also has to be viewed by the customer as a centerpoint for other relevant apps to plug into. If your product performs only one function, it is an application, not a platform. However, if your product has multiple interfaces and apps…

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