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Chain stores are retail outlets that share a brand and central management, and usually have standardized business methods and practices. Before considered a chain, stores must meet a litmus test; it must have more than 10 units in 2 or more distinct geographies under the same brand and have a central headquarters, otherwise it offers franchise contracts or is publicly traded.([1])These characteristics also apply to chain restaurants and some service-oriented chain businesses. In retail, dining, and many service categories, chain businesses have come to dominate the market in many parts of the world. A franchise retail establishment is one form of chain store.
Posts about Chain Store
  • Webroomers spend more than showroomers: so offline wins

    … a “big box” store. For computers and personal electronics 35% head to the “big box” store but 29% prefer to shop online. It’s also a close call for toys with 25% hitting a “big box” and 20% preferring to shop online. For clothing, shoes and smartphones, shoppers prefer a retail chain store. The only time online beats the bricks was in books with 43% of shoppers preferring a virtual store (cough *Amazon* cough). If you’d like more details, visit Harris Interactive online – showrooming is not an option. …

    Cynthia Boris/ Marketing Pilgrim- 8 readers -
  • Estimote Launches New Platform For Beacon Management At Scale

    … themselves as the leading indoor location technology. Indeed we’re experiencing something like “beacon mania” right now. Estimote is both trying to advance the entire segment at a practical level with these new tools and rise above the “commodity” status of most of the beacon providers currently in the market. The new Estimote platform should accomplish…

    Greg Sterling/ Marketing Land- 6 readers -
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