• 7 Things New Business Owners Struggle With

    … Starting a business comes with its own set of challenges. Successful entrepreneurs usually possess a certain amount of discipline and are able to overcome struggles that would honestly break most people. Here are 7 things that new business owners struggle with as they’re getting started. Time Management I’m sure you’ve heard countless horror…

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  • TrackMaven Predicts the Marketing Headwinds in 2016

    … Within an industry that moves as fast as marketing, each new year comes with a new set of challenges. In fact, sometimes it feels like these new challenges present themselves more often than that. TrackMaven recently published a study, “The Content Marketing Paradox Revisited,” in which they examined 75.5 billion interactions, 22,957 brands…

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  • [Update 11] 100 Campaign Launch Challenge

    … losses and went back to the drawing board. The most annoying is that I've made 5 sales with Teespring within this challenge but since they're all in different campaigns and so didn't meet the minimum production threshold I didn't get paid. That's about $50 I could have put towards my revenue. Oh well. Moving forward. Pay Per Call on Google PPC My Pay…

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  • [Update 10] 100 Campaign Launch Challenge

    … Soon So, next month, I'm might do a '2-3k spend on mobile' challenge. I haven't figured out exactly what the number will be but it's going to be a set spend so I can learn the platform. You can't learn anything unless you're willing to spend. I learnt so much about pay-per-call this month because I spent and spent and spent and in the process… 13 readers -
  • [Update 9] 100 Campaign Launch Challenge

    …. My learnings in this space has been tremendous. From total PPCall noob to knowing enough to hopefully find a profitable campaign eventually, this month was well worth the challenge. Bing --> ClickBank Bing is an interesting traffic source. It's definitely quality but is in many ways, very different to Google. I've read a lot on people…

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  • [Update 8] 100 Campaign Launch Challenge

    … so let's just take things slow and learn from our spend. I'm thinking of continuing this challenge throughout the whole year. Let me know in the comments section if you'd like this. Let's see how much I spend before I find a winner and how many campaigns I launch. It's a great way for everyone to see the realities of the business and how much… 19 readers -