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    • The 4 truths of programmatic marketing

      How has your communication planning changed over the last 10 years? How do you connect the tech and digital experience with your brand? Arguably, finding the perfect blend of messaging, channel and context to optimize your activity has never been easier. Today, technology makes it easier to store, synthesize, then distill data into useful, sharable actions — well, that’s the theory anyway.

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    • The tyranny of a blank page: Why creative matters most

      “And remember the tyranny of a blank sheet of paper,” my supervisor added as I turned to leave her office. I was a young account executive in the ’90s en route to read the riot act to a creative team who were tardy on an assignment. I was stopped in my tracks at this seemingly offhand advice. We had already spent months preparing the launch of a new campaign — exploring the ...

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    • What if Super Bowl commercials were like digital ads?

      Picture this. It’s Super Bowl Sunday. Last play. Patriots trail by four. Tom Brady fires a pass to Julian Edelman at the back of the end zone. Touchdown. But wait. Was Edelman inbound or not? Hard to say. A replay review will determine if the call stands and the Patriots win — or if the call is reversed and the Falcons win. The suspense builds.

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  • [Reminder] Live Webinar–Tips for better brand/agency creative collaboration

    … We all know the creative process is challenging. Its non-linear nature often causes frustration, delays, unplanned expenses and burned-out creative teams. Join brand expert Lesya Lysyj and Hightail’s Chief Operating Officer Mike Trigg as they explore the hidden costs of a broken creative process and provide best practices for better creative…

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  • The evolution required to achieve a sustainable online ecosystem

    Ad blocking certainly got the industry talking in 2016. It was included for the first time on Gartner’s 2016 Hype Cycle for Digital Marketing and Advertising and cited as a critical issue in LUMA’s annual State of Digital Media report. It also acted as a positive catalyst for change with increased emphasis on creating high-quality, targeted ad campaigns, as illustrated by ini ...

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  • Creative is Complicated: Tips for better brand/agency collaboration

    … by Hightail. About The Author Digital Marketing Depot is a resource center for digital marketing strategies and tactics. We feature hosted white papers and E-Books, original research, and webcasts on digital marketing topics -- from advertising to analytics, SEO and PPC campaign management tools to social media management software, e-commerce to e…

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  • Best of both: Making TV and digital work in unison

    … In my previous article, I explained that — despite being widely viewed as competing advertising channels — TV and digital are, in fact, complementary elements of an effective media strategy. Far from being two distinct channels, TV and digital intersect in a number of ways. First, the normalization of second-screening means TV viewers are now…

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  • What does’s profit model pivot say about the future of online advertising?

    Online advertising, and especially its bulky older brother, “programmatic,” are darlings of the digital marketing world. Even folks who typically focus on the content and SEO side are dipping into the implications of bot-driven ads. The ability to deliver highly targeted display ads and sponsored content to key consumer segments, with (literally) super-human speed and precis ...

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  • Why B2B marketers should care about whitelisting

    A company’s most valuable asset is often its brand — so brand safety is a big concern for most businesses. No brand wants its products associated with hate speech, porn or extreme politics, which is something that marketing technology companies understand and deal with on a daily basis. While industry experts are still debating which method is best for ensuring brand safety ...

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  • How digital media won the White House for an ‘analog’ audience

    Donald Trump’s election is perhaps the single best advertisement for digital advertising in the history of that industry. One of the major criticisms of Trump’s supporters during the election is that many were white and less educated than supporters of Hillary Clinton — traits not often associated with Madison Avenue and the data-driven decision-making that earned Trump’s pla ...

    Rob Rasko/ Marketing Land- 19 readers -
  • My first CES: What I saw, learned and questioned

    Last week, I attended the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas for the first time. I work in Business Development and Innovation at the Ad Council and was excited to discover innovative companies — potential partners that are using tech to inspire positive change and improve lives. I’ve always dreamed of going to CES, a conference my dad went to when I was growing up.

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  • Responsive ads for the Google Display Network: 6 months in

    At the Google Performance Summit in May 2016, Google announced responsive ads for display, which subsequently rolled out to advertiser accounts in July. Since we’ve been able to use responsive ads for six months now, I’ve included some of the most commonly asked questions below to cover some of the advantages, disadvantages and results seen to date.

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