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    • IBM buys Fluid’s Expert Personal Shopper for Watson

      IBM wants its Jeopardy-winning supercomputer Watson to become a champ at finding the best product or service you need. To help land that distinction, Big Blue’s digital marketing division, Interactive Experience (iX), has acquired customer experience provider Fluid’s Expert Personal Shopper (XPS) division. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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  • Mobile shopping is hard, but only if retailers keep it that way

    … Mobile devices and smartphones have completely changed the way we think, connect and work. Nowhere is this transformation more apparent than in the way we shop. While the rise of e-commerce itself has forced retailers to conduct their business in fundamentally different ways, the explosive increase in ownership and usage of mobile devices…

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  • Why contextual campaigns provide value across the enterprise

    … as amplification on shared media channels, leading to differentiation in the market. Unsurprisingly, contextual marketing begets contextual data, a massive (and complex) benefit to marketers, as well as to the organizations they work for. Organizational benefits Data about how, when, why and where consumers interact with brands and their products…

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  • The 3 things to look for in a customer-centric marketing tool

    … to help your team bring customer-centricity to life, make sure you look for these three features. 1. Customer-focused lens For the past decade or so, marketing technology has been all about Channel Marketing. Email, Display, Search, Social, Mobile — each channel with a dedicated team, dedicated analytics, and of course, dedicated tools. However…

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  • How the ‘average user’ has ruined e-commerce experiences

    … marketers understood this 95–5 rule as the new normal and had the tools to identify the five percent, it would fundamentally alter how e-commerce sites are delivered and experienced by consumers. In today’s competitive retail economy, sites must be constructed to emphasize conversions with that crucial five percent, while focusing on product…

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