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    • 3 ways to ensure your marketing technology stacks up

      The Marketing Technology Landscape has now reached nearly 5,000 vendors, with options to suit a wide range of marketer needs. Depending on your point of view, the number of new vendors and tools available — which grew by 40 percent within just one year — is either incredibly exciting or very daunting.

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    • Martech vendor investment forecast: Sunny with just a few ‘clouds’

      A powerhouse panel of marketing technology investors came together at the 2017 San Francisco MarTech Conference to discuss and debate the future of the marketing tech investment landscape. Moderated by Scott Brinker, the panel continues to be bullish on the future of martech. Why? A few reasons: Marketing is becoming an agile discipline, and companies are investing in tech t ...

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    • The new marketing mandate: Learn fast

      Connect your organization with the marketing technology explosion at The MarTech Conference! See how becoming consumer & data obsessed is going to transform your m ...

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  • Making martech usable

    … There are 5,000 different technologies in the Martech Landscape. And those are divided into over 50 different categories. It’s a lot to deal with: analytics, web technology, CRM, marketing automation and many, many other types of marketing technology. Within a marketing technology stack, you can easily have dozens of layers, and each software…

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  • 3 key takeaways from MarTech San Francisco 2017

    … The 2017 MarTech conference in San Francisco is over, and it’s safe to divulge the event’s WiFi password: martech5000. Despite the awesome sci-fi ring to it, it actually represents the 5,381 solutions on Scott Brinker’s ever-expanding Marketing Technology Landscape chart. Source: During this week’s conference, many…

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  • Is ABM really a better mousetrap?

    … the full article on MarTech Today.] Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Marketing Land. Staff authors are listed here. About The Author John Steinert is the CMO of TechTarget, where he helps bring the power of purchase intent-driven marketing and sales services to technology companies…

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  • How to unlock marketing’s creative side for martech success

    … B2B marketers think of marketing technology (martech) as a necessary evil. Understandable. Most marketers got into the profession because of the ability to create, connect and communicate. Not many want to deal with tools, integrations and bits and bytes all day. According to a recently released research report by the MarTech Council…

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  • How to implement an optimization framework for long-term attribution success

    … Congratulations! You made it through the early days of your attribution program. You implemented the four steps to ROI-positive marketing attribution and proved that the system works. You got the team on board, clearly defined your objectives, isolated specific channels with tactical tests, then expanded into strategic cross-channel analysis…

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  • What’s really holding back your messaging program?

    … Marketers want to innovate. They want automation and personalization because the ROI can be huge. For many companies, this desire leads to an RFP (request for proposal) for marketing technology to fuel a transformation. But is that really the answer? From what I have seen, a lack of technology is not what’s keeping companies from building…

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  • Better collaboration is the best martech investment you can make

    … Think about the dozens of channels that you have to manage for any given marketing campaign. Web, email, in-product messaging, social, press releases, media placements, display advertising, paid search and so on. And you have to think about personas. And funnel stages. Oh, and maybe localization. And that’s just to produce the content…

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  • Ready for GDPR? This white paper points you in the right direction

    … It’s February, 2017. Do you know where your GDPR plans are? On May 25 of next year, the General Data Protection Regulation goes into effect, yet many companies with users from European Union countries are not ready to meet the requirements for protecting rights to personal data. The GDPR applies to all companies with such users, whether…

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  • Making the right martech bets [Infographic]

    … As we’re all experiencing, the division between Marketing and IT has been rapidly shrinking over the past couple of years. Today, marketing teams are expected to be digitally savvy martech leaders, which can feel both empowering and overwhelming. With over 3,800 solutions documented, many marketers struggle to understand how to make the right…

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  • Aprimo gets back on its feet with first major platform update since Teradata spinoff

    … component, but divested itself of the marketing resource management and campaign management capabilities. In July of last year, the private equity firm — Marlin Equity Partners — announced it was merging the newly acquired Aprimo with another firm it had recently acquired, channel marketing provider Revenew. “Aprimo is back,” Aprimo CEO John…

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