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    • Tackling the martech integration challenge

      The number one B2B challenge for marketers is the inability to successfully integrate disparate technologies into a unified platform, according to Morgan Stanley’s “Software Eats the CMO Suite” survey (conducted by Digital Ascendant). What prevails is a disjointed customer experience and an inability to accurately identify which marketing tactics are truly driving sales and business results.

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    • Zapier launches Digest, so its apps can send their messages where you want

      Workflow automator Zapier allows a user to link applications, so that, for instance, an email signup in one application gets automatically added to a customer relationship management system. The company has integrated about 750 applications, but the chains of applications you have connected together are still talking to you separately — sending emails, notifications, alerts, and other updates.

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  • A six-pack of predictions for martech

    … In 1908, Hamptons Magazine made a bold prediction: “When the expectations of wireless experts are realized, everyone will have his own pocket telephone and may be called wherever he happens to be … When that invention is perfected, we shall have a new series of daily miracles.” Wow. Predicting the advent of mobile a century in advance — that’s…

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  • ABM brings the right guests to the party; marketing automation keeps them engaged

    … to invite to the party and catering to their needs to make sure they are happy. This isn’t really a new concept and, based on many surveys, an overwhelming number of B2B marketers are either already using ABM or plan to use it in the next year. What’s different this time? Technology. [Read the full article on MarTech Today.] Some opinions expressed…

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  • Brand X: Why customer experience is a cloud marketing must-have

    … fundamental is going on with this shift in how marketers and product professionals work to create value for our customers. [Read the full article on MarTech Today.] Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Marketing Land. Staff authors are listed here. About The Author An inveterate…

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  • Just launched: Marketing Land’s new MarTech Today website!

    …, whether it’s social media management tools, programmatic ad platforms, SEO software, data management platforms or something else. As a Marketing Land reader, this is an area of the industry that you should be following closely (if you’re not already). If you’ve already been reading our martech reporting here on Marketing Land, you’ll now find…

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  • Marketing automation made easy

    … organizations, marketing automation has become the hub around which all other tools in the marketing stack align (e.g., website, customer relationship management). But that doesn’t mean it has to be complex. What it means is that marketing automation is the key ingredient to very successful marketing organizations. Some opinions expressed in this article…

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  • Marketing automation tools compared: GetResponse, Marketo and HubSpot

    … Due to the realities of today’s marketing environment — namely, content overload, multiple platforms and non-linear sales funnels — it’s no question that marketing automation tools can be incredibly helpful to modern-day businesses. By managing and streamlining data across multiple channels, businesses can keep their marketing strategies…

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  • Salesforce opens up Lightning Bolt portal templates for specific business needs

    … the use of drag-and-drop functional components, like an organizing tool for community events or the ability to share files among a team. Nearly a thousand Lightning communities were created by businesses with these templates. European telecommunications firm Sky, for instance, created a community of its users, while Unilever employed it for Employee…

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