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  • Mobile marketing predictions for 2017 from 11 industry veterans

    Yes, it’s time to look forward to 2017 and take a stab at predicting what important events and developments will impact mobile and location-based marketing. And while I have several thoughts of my own in terms of what will move the needle, I find it’s always helpful to get some outside perspective, particularly from smart people both inside and outside the industry.

    Aaron Strout/ Marketing Land- 28 readers -
  • 7 key components to a winning mobile marketing budget in 2017

    … Now that 2017 is here, it’s time to start planning your mobile strategy for the year. If you think mobile success is about landing pages and app install ads, I have some news for you: In 2017, your mobile marketing strategy will have to include a lot more than just an advertising plan for your app. No, it won’t inflate your mobile marketing…

    Marketing Landin Mobile- 16 readers -
  • Lenovo debuts Amazon Alexa-powered smart speaker at CES

    … Like Microsoft is doing with Cortana, Amazon is making Alexa available to third party developers and hardware makers to voice-enable their connected products. Amazon is also making Alexa’s several thousand “skills” (voice apps) equally available to developers. With the announcement of Cortana’s developer strategy a few weeks ago, we saw…

    Greg Sterling/ Marketing Land- 18 readers -
  • Individualization: Mobile marketing’s next step

    … Throughout my column this year, a few topics have come up again and again. Most notably, I’ve discussed the Mobile Engagement Crisis — the idea that marketers are failing to connect with users, despite spending a huge amount of resources on winning them over in the first place. Yes, they’re getting the initial download. But getting those users…

    Josh Todd/ Marketing Land- 16 readers -
  • Study: 55 percent of mobile dollars wasted

    … A recent study (reg. req’d) from Forrester Consulting, commissioned by Celtra, argues that $0.55 of every dollar spent on mobile advertising is wasted. Beyond this, negative mobile ad experiences are hurting brand perceptions among consumers. These types of findings and conclusions aren’t new but they’re worth emphasizing because mobile…

    Greg Sterling/ Marketing Landin SEO- 14 readers -
  • Pokémon, mobile SEO and more: Our top mobile columns for 2016

    … wanted to learn more about what to expect for the future of location-based technologies. Meanwhile, our most popular mobile column offered best practices for push notifications — because even marketers who’ve nailed the location-based marketing game will struggle to reach consumers via push if they can’t break out of the noise and deliver value…

    Marketing Landin SEO- 18 readers -
  • Hold that SDK: Mobile app advertising help is on the way

    … Mobile app advertising has been an ongoing, complex challenge for the ad industry in almost every way. Most notably, mobile apps make it hard to scale a targeted media buy and measure accurately — basically, mobile apps don’t play nice with the adtech ecosystem. Why native mobile apps hold back advertisers and publishers Apps you install from…

    Marketing Landin Mobile- 15 readers -
  • Should you hire a mobile marketing agency or keep it in-house?

    As my department at 3Q Digital grows, I get the chance to talk to a lot of people across a variety of verticals, responsibilities, levels and points of view (sellers, buyers and decision-makers). Invariably, the first questions across the table are the all-too-familiar “But do I really need an agency? Can’t I do it myself? Can’t I hire a few smart kids to do Google and Facebo ...

    Marketing Land- 9 readers -
  • Branch branches out, offering deep links to apps from dynamic remarketing ads

    Palo Alto, California-based Branch makes its living with deep links, which directly lead a user to specific screens in apps from web pages, web ads, emails, other apps, and other sources. Unlike the web, there is no universally available linking format in apps that everyone supports. Today, Branch is branching out (sorry) to offer Deep Linked Feeds for Dynamic Ads.

    Marketing Land- 8 readers -
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