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  • How much is a happy customer worth?

    … In today’s highly analytical marketing world, is it really possible to place a value on customer happiness? Well, yes. And that’s just what we’re going to cover in our upcoming webinar, “The Value of a Happy Customer: Action steps to a great customer experience.” We’ll hear from customer experience expert Christine Crandell, who will explain…

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  • Amazon Alexa now accepts Prime Now orders via voice

    … Amazon Prime Now members can now make purchases via their Alexa home assistant device. According to an announcement from Amazon today, “… tens of thousands of daily essentials are available for free two-hour delivery by simply asking Alexa to order from Prime Now.” In addition to taking orders for multiple items at once from the Prime Now…

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  • Amazon adds Alexa to its main iOS app

    … Amazon has announced that it’s integrating Alexa into its Amazon iOS shopping app. This adds the Alexa brain to the Amazon app and serves as a replacement for basic speech recognition. Amazon iOS users will be able to shop, play music, ask questions and get news weather and traffic. However, there was no mention of whether or when Amazon would…

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  • Event-oriented vs. always-on: The campaign tactics that work

    … at a more consistent rate throughout the year (e.g., an online furniture retailer). Of course, even when operating in one of these larger strategic buckets, all e-commerce advertisers practice some version of a hybrid model. Very event-focused advertisers still will spend modest amounts to attract customers during the “down times,” while advertisers…

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  • Walmart reports 29% growth in US e-commerce

    …. His SEO and social media clients ranged from mom-and-pop small businesses to one of the Top 5 online retailers. Matt is a longtime speaker at marketing events around the U.S., including keynote and panelist roles. He can be found on Twitter at @MattMcGee. You can read Matt's disclosures on his personal blog. You can reach Matt via email using our Contact page. …

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  • Amazon matches Walmart, drops free shipping minimum to $35

    … Amazon has lowered the minimum spend threshold for free shipping back down to $35, matching a recent move from Walmart and reverting to Amazon’s own previous minimum spend. Amazon’s free shipping help page now indicates the lower threshold for any product category on, and also shows that the $25 minimum for book purchases remains…

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  • Why marketers’ approaches to sales shoppers must change

    … in themselves. This lengthening research and consideration phase is a trait common across the profiles we identified. Today, retailers must make sure they deliver a strong multi-channel approach to cater to this extensive period of online research. But how do you know which channels and tactics to use? Having a full view of the user journey…

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  • 3 things you can do to stop (or at least slow) customer churn

    … your high-value customers with a specific message, or you may want to segment based upon customers’ affinities for certain categories and products. 3. Test one lever at a time Retailers have tons of variables at their disposal to test — different offer amounts and types, different creative, various channels. If you’re like most retailers, however…

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