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    • Why marketers should be paying attention to Twitch

      Before you market to an audience, first you have to find them. Most marketers have their favorite channels — ones that have worked for them in the past, or where they feel most comfortable with the lingo and standards. But as time and technology push forward, the places where people spend time change along with them.

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    • 9 ways to sell on social media

      Struggling to bring your fans and followers to your online store? Why not bring your online store to them instead? Selling on social media is not a new concept. What is new? The way companies are reaching fans and followers to gain traction and build revenues. That’s what you’ll learn here. Here are nine of the best ways to sell on social media using the most popular platforms today. 1.

      Jordan Kasteler/ Marketing Landin Social- 34 readers -
    • Instagram accounted for 70% of GQ’s social revenue last year

      Instagram contributed 7 percent of GQ’s total digital revenue in 2016. Instagram may not be sharing with publishers any of the revenue from its new between-Story ads. But that doesn’t mean publishers aren’t able to make money on Instagram. For Conde Nast’s GQ, Instagram generates more revenue than any other social network, including Instagram’s parent company Facebook.

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  • How IBM’s Watson scores the tone of Trump’s tweets

    …, compassionate and thoughtful. LANGUAGE TONE These categories measure writing style, such as whether a text is analytical and whether it is written with certainty. Overall, Trump’s tweets were judged to not exert certainty or inhibition. About The Author Tim Peterson, Third Door Media's Social Media Reporter, has been covering the digital marketing…

    Marketing Landin Social Twitter How To's- 13 readers -
  • Why influencer marketing trumps influencer advertising

    … on YouTube or Instagram. It’s easy to imagine viewers all over the country yelling at their screens about the unfairness of it all, but from a marketer’s point of view, there’s another big problem: This type of “influencer marketing” isn’t actually marketing. It’s really “influencer advertising” and should be viewed as a less effective, pricier…

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  • 3 ways to see the future with social media data

    …, but as a marketer, it would be fascinating. In many ways, analyzing social media data is like tapping into a deep well of such information. Digging into details about the past, particularly insights from sources as direct as individual users, reveals insights and data-driven predictions about the future. It’s not the same as snapping your fingers…

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  • Get ready: The 2017 Marketing Land #HashtagBowl is coming soon!

    … Super Bowl advertising season is underway, and Marketing Land is back with the sixth annual #Hashtag Bowl — our look at how advertisers integrate social media and online marketing into their Super Bowl TV commercials. As the game approaches, and after it’s over, we’ll also be reporting on how brands big and small take advantage of all…

    Matt Mcgee/ Marketing Land- 15 readers -
  • Facebook will let Pages broadcast live videos from desktop web

    … streams for brands will be able to give brands a better idea of how those videos performed. About The Author Tim Peterson, Third Door Media's Social Media Reporter, has been covering the digital marketing industry since 2011. He has reported for Advertising Age, Adweek and Direct Marketing News. A born-and-raised Angeleno who graduated from New York…

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  • Twitter to shutter Dashboard, an app for businesses to manage accounts

    … Call it a flop: almost six months since it was launched, Twitter is calling it quits on Dashboard, its all in one management suite for businesses. On February 3rd, the app will no longer function. Dashboard was announced last summer to low fanfare and seemed to have never taken off–perhaps becasue most brands were already actively using 3rd…

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  • Fixing Facebook’s fake news issue

    … no longer denies the issue of fake news and has implemented measures to combat it, hopefully diminishing its effects. This change of direction is likely not a moment too soon, as Germany’s government recently announced that it is proposing legislation to fine any social media site that disseminates fake news. “If, after appropriate examination, Facebook…

    Kristine Schachinger/ Marketing Landin Social Facebook- 16 readers -
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