• Project for Awesome Raised $1.27M for More Than 20 Charities

    … videos from other users, and the top 10 charities will receive $25,000 each, and the next 10 will receive $10,000. Top ten winners included The Office of Letters and Light, which runs a yearly writing project called NaNoWriMo, Doctors Without Borders, Pencils for Kids, and water charity The Thirst Project. $10,000 grant winners included the American…

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  • What are the Top Six Social Video Trends for Brands in 2015?

    … Our friends at Unruly have just published a timely report entitled, “9 Social Video Trends of 2014”, and we will take a look at six of them in this post. One is about the World Cup becoming the most shared event of all time, which is a trend that online video marketers can’t cash in on until 2018. Two are about programmatic video opportunities…

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  • How Should Non-Profits Use Digital Marketing?

    This is the transcript for our new video. Hello. Today I just want to do a quick video regarding how a non-profit should use digital marketing and what it can actually do for them. Traditionally, charities and non-profits are quite still centred or seem to be centred around telephoning people, traditional mail, TV advertising, events, stuff like that.

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