• Brand vs. AI

    … won’t need to see “Charmin” to know if it’s soft—we’ll have a softness indicator collected from the crowdsourced insight of thousands of users. What will “brand” mean in an era of perfect information? ‘Believe’ and ‘belong’ brands will become essential, beloved tribes Brands will not go away, though—far from it. Their role in our lives may very well…

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  • 4 Examples of Thinking Outside the Box with Content Marketing

    …. Charmin’s Sit Or Squat App Creating conversation around a product or service is the oldest form of effective advertising. Charmin combined the traditional gimmick with modern technology and created a smartphone application that was quickly downloaded by over 100,000 curious users. Proctor and Gamble had an instant hit with this content marketing…

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  • 5 brands that won at social media in 2014

    … by giving them a bathroom option aside from peeing in the sea. GE Fueled by the belief that science can be made fun and relatable, GE is a brand that has consistently innovated. It has experimented with various platforms, from Twitter to Vine to Snapchat, and remains one of the few brands that maintain an engaging blog of its own. Moreover…

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  • And Now This: A Response To John Oliver’s Views On Real-Time Marketing

    … First, let’s get something out of the way — I’m a huge fan of comedian John Oliver. When he came to Austin last year for a standup show, my wife and I were first in line to buy tickets. I’ve never missed an episode of Last Week Tonight, his new weekly HBO show. And so when I tuned in this week, I was surprised and excited to see him address…

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  • Tweets from the seat: Inside Charmin’s social media strategy

    When a brand takes it upon itself to become a publisher, it is incumbent upon that brand to create relevant content. Which is all well and good when you’re as interesting and dynamic as, say, GE. But what if you’re a brand associated with some of life’s less savory necessities? What if you’re Charmin? With a presence on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube and Vine, Charmin is ...

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