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    • Sisense lets you ask for analytics by voice — or check the color of your desk lamp

      A desk set up for Sisense Everywhere, with Amazon Alexa and a multi-colored connected lamp. Want to find out how last year’s revenue compares to this? Maybe you should just ask out loud. Or maybe the color of your desk lamp can tell you if you’re meeting your sales targets. Those natural interactions are part of new interfaces to query the business intelligence platform o ...

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    • Satisfi and IBM Watson port their intelligent shopping assistants to two shopping malls

      From the E.L.F. website Good thing that IBM’s Watson isn’t human, because his many jobs would mean he’d never sleep. The hard-working supercomputing system has now added two more gigs as a shopping assistant to his list of occupations, following his ongoing stint as a mobile shopping assistant for ten Macy’s stores around the U.S. (and many other jobs).

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    • Four trends that will reshape marketing in 2017

      I’ve been a marketer and entrepreneur for more than 20 years, and each year seems to bring a new whirlwind of change. In 2016, social media grew even more powerful, dictating the news and shaping our public discourse. Chatbots and artificial intelligence started to gain traction and are opening entirely new avenues for brands to reach customers.

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  • PullString opens up its conversational platform for Amazon Alexa skills

    … In September, PullString announced the availability of its conversational computing platform for chatbots, talking dolls, and other uses. This week, the San Francisco-based company said that its platform is available to developers of skills (that is, applications) for Amazon’s intelligent voice agent, Alexa. This ability to create and publish…

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  • Content-specific chat prompts: Unlocking the power of conversation

    … Often, live chat is viewed as a customer service tool — or, even worse, a pesky sales pop-up. In my opinion, though, while live chat can be used for both of those purposes, it can also be used for so much more. Think about it: people love to buy from companies and people that they feel connected to. That’s why content is such a great marketing…

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  • Say hello to the newest intelligent agent, Ozlo

    … the info about the steak from an article in Time Out magazine and about live music from TripAdvisor. “The place was great,” he added. (See photo below.) By contrast, he said, Google Assistant “would bring back a web link to a random article, or would read you a snippet.” (See comparison screens above.) Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa…

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  • Forrester: Here are some ways marketers can adapt to messaging apps

    … of just owning mobile moments in your own app or mobile website,” and instead consider that these kinds of contextual marketing approaches need to be applied across the board, at all times. The report points out that messaging apps, chat bots, and intelligent agents are all blending into intelligent conversational interactions. But the report doesn’t…

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  • Imperson unveils chatbot platform so you can create your own character

    …, and analyze their own chat conversations, after some training but without any coding. In addition to Messenger, the platform is compatible with Kik, Slack, Twitter, Amazon Echo, and the company said it is developing voice and text chatbots for Skype. The platform is available at no additional charge to the company’s customers, Imperson CEO and co…

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  • MarTech Landscape: What is OTT programming and why does it matter?

    … user-generated videos. And OTT content has been expanded to include communications services that bypass telecommunication companies. So, if you subscribe to Verizon Wireless’ cell phone service but communicate via text messaging over Facebook-owned WhatsApp on WiFi, that has also become known as an “over-the-top” service. The WhatsApp service…

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