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    • Inside chatbots’ year of growing pains: ‘We’re at an inflection point’

      A year ago, chatbots reemerged atop a mountain of hype that messaging marked tech’s latest paradigm shift, after messaging apps Facebook’s Messenger and Kik officially opened up to chatbots. A year later, the trend has slid down the mountain into its own uncanny valley. However, that slide may provide the momentum that chatbot makers, from brands to media companies to startup ...

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    • Facebook Messenger adds option for chat bots to avoid chatting

      Conversations with Facebook Messenger bots soon may start to feel less like texting with a friend and more like tapping through a food-ordering app’s restaurant menu. On Thursday Messenger added an option for bot makers to prevent people from sending normal messages to their bots by replacing the in-app keyboard with a persistent menu, making the interaction more akin to a t ...

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    • Bot-to-bot marketing is coming soon. Are you ready?

      Amazon Echo, housing the Alexa intelligent agent In the past year or so, a new marketing channel has emerged around bots and intelligent agents. This includes voice-based intelligent agents like Google Home’s Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa, and chatbots that interact largely through text conversations. Marketers are beginning to plan their conversational strategies and logic for this channel.

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  • Chatbots: Hype or the real deal?

    …. [Read the full article on MarTech Today.] Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Marketing Land. Staff authors are listed here. About The Author As Head of Strategy at Waterfall, Matt Silk drives innovative mobile marketing programs for brands in the retail and restaurant space with the goal…

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  • Totango rolls out first chatbot for customer success

    … that this is the first bot designed for a customer success platform. It joins a growing number of marketing and business intelligence firms that are using bots and intelligent agents to make the data more accessible, including business analytics provider Sisense’s Amazon Alexa skill and chatbots, and marketing analytics firm Datorama’s employment of Alexa…

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  • A bot for Kia Motors is the first to debut a new Super Bowl ad

    … Bots are growing up. This week, one of their kind becomes the first to premiere a Super Bowl ad. The 60 second ad — a whirlwind comic spot starring Melissa McCarthy for Kia’s new Niro crossover SUV — is now available through the company’s NiroBot on Facebook Messenger. Kia COO and EVP Michael Sprague said in a statement that the bot milestone…

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  • Four trends that will reshape marketing in 2017

    … I’ve been a marketer and entrepreneur for more than 20 years, and each year seems to bring a new whirlwind of change. In 2016, social media grew even more powerful, dictating the news and shaping our public discourse. Chatbots and artificial intelligence started to gain traction and are opening entirely new avenues for brands to reach customers…

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  • Sisense lets you ask for analytics by voice — or check the color of your desk lamp

    … interfaces, he said, mean that one can avoid the thought processes developed by thirty years of screen-based dashboards, so you can just ask for what you need. [Read the full article on MarTech Today.] About The Author Barry Levine covers marketing technology for Third Door Media. Previously, he covered this space as a Senior Writer for VentureBeat…

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  • PullString opens up its conversational platform for Amazon Alexa skills

    …-based Lt. Reyes chatbot to promote the videogame “Call of Duty.” Included in the PullString integrated development environment are a conversation authoring and debugging environment, an AI engine, text message and bot conversation support, and direct publishing to Alexa. [Read the full article on MarTech Today.] About The Author Barry Levine…

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  • Content-specific chat prompts: Unlocking the power of conversation

    … Often, live chat is viewed as a customer service tool — or, even worse, a pesky sales pop-up. In my opinion, though, while live chat can be used for both of those purposes, it can also be used for so much more. Think about it: people love to buy from companies and people that they feel connected to. That’s why content is such a great marketing…

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