A chatter robot, chatterbot, chatbot, or chat bot is a computer program designed to simulate an intelligent conversation with one or more human users via auditory or textual methods, primarily for engaging in small talk. The primary aim of such simulation has been to fool the user into thinking that the program's output has been produced by a human. See the Turing test. Programs playing this role are sometimes referred to as Artificial Conversational Entities, talk bots or chatterboxes. In addition, however, chatterbots are often integrated into dialog systems for various practical purposes such as offline help, personalised service, or information acquisition.
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  • What every marketer should know about AI

    …. Just take a look at Microsoft’s AI chatbot, Xiaoice. “[Xiaoice] may be the largest Turing test in history” — Yongdong Wang,Your next new best friend could be a chatbot Thankfully, we don’t have to travel all the way to China to find AI-powered bots. Our friend, Google, has built AI into pretty much every product us, marketers, use on a daily basis…

    State of Digitalin Paid Search- 16 readers -
  • How AI Bots, Voice Assistants Are Changing Shopper Behaviors

    … intelligence and only 10% said they knew they were not communicating with a real human. “While AI-powered chatbots and voice devices are still considered emerging technologies — Amazon Alexa was released less than three years ago — the adoption rate among shoppers is accelerated … When it comes to voice, only 12% of shoppers currently own a voice device…

    Stephanie Miles/ Street Fightin How To's- 20 readers -
  • The Heart of Artificial Intelligence

    … to a certain extent illustrate how humans can influence how intelligent a bot can be. Remembers Tay, Microsoft first experiment as a Twitter bot? Tay learned from her inputs, which were hijacked by some people who wanted to influence her negatively. In this case, Tay incited high emotion from people who engaged with her or read about what happened…

    State of Digital- 23 readers -
  • Chatbot Therapists, and 4 Other Stories We Loved in May

    … of the man who typed it. The Ringer: Woebot Is Therapy Inside a Chatbot* Selected by Joe Lazauskas, editor-in-chief *I’m cheating because this was published in June, but then again, Jordan isn’t getting this column out until the 6th, so who is he to judge? This story is about Woebot, a new invention that combines my two favorite things: cheap…

    The Content Strategist- 22 readers -
  • 7 Ways That Brands Can Make Chatbot Conversations More Authentic

    … Chatbots are transforming the customer experience and quickly moving into new sectors, like real estate and healthcare, but before marketers can expect conversation mimicking software and artificial intelligence to replace live customer service representatives and salespeople, they’ll need to find ways to overcome some of the obstacles…

    Stephanie Miles/ Street Fight- 24 readers -
  • What Does the Bot Bubble Mean for Facebook’s Long Game?

    … I thought we might use an interesting infographic from ActivateTech I came across on Slideshare as a jumping-off point. It attempts to assess the relative strengths and weaknesses of the “four horsemen” (and Microsoft) along the stages of the consumer journey. Given last week’s news about the chatbot bubble perhaps starting to burst, I wonder…

    Street Fightin Social Facebook- 15 readers -
  • Mark Cuban, the first trillionaire and chatbots on the edge

    …” but donors need an emotional hook. It’s hard to fund meaningful systemic initiatives because people are more likely to fund emotional pleas that are short-term fixes. A personal highlight In 2012 I published the first book on influence marketing, Return On Influence. This book would not have been possible without the support and encouragement of Dr. Robert…

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  • Drones, Bots and AI oh my. SXSW highlights

    … went to a session on emerging issues with drones. This industry is taking off literally and figuratively but it was interesting to see that VC funding into this industry has dipped two years in a row. Still a lot of safety and regulatory hurdles that might be dampening enthusiasm for the hope of quick adoption. Chatbots, sales and service Chatbot…

    {grow}- 40 readers -
  • How Kasisto avoids the financial chatbot fatigue

    … with Dror Oren, cofounder and VP of product at Kasisto, about how it separates itself from chatbot hype, how it’s adapted to technology changes in banking, the company’s long and short term goals. How do you avoid bot fatigue? The way we view ourselves isn’t as a bot company. We’re a conversational AI platform. We enable conversations on different…

    Digidayin How To's- 29 readers -
  • 3 Facebook Ads Predictions for 2017

    … video, signaling the importance of this new format. With Twitter, YouTube, and other players pushing live streaming, it only makes sense for Facebook to do the same! 3. 1-to-1 Marketing (messenger and chatbots) Facebook has made big strides in its Messenger product. It’s no longer just a chat app, but a portal to access mobile website content…

    Karen Amundson/ BoostBlogin Social- 22 readers -
  • Hike Founder: ‘Apps Will Be Dead in 5 Years’

    … to do different things, we’ll simply start interacting with our favorite companies through a central messaging system that allows us to conversationally ask for what we want. This forecast jives with Facebook’s plans for Messenger, which could transform e-commerce through “social commerce” that lets consumers make purchases with a more natural…

    Joe Lazauskas/ The Content Strategist- 36 readers -
  • Just How Big a Deal Are Voice Search and Chatbots for Local?

    … Just How Big a Deal Are Voice Search and Chatbots for Local? November 7, 2016 by David Card Leave a Comment Filed Under: Commentary Two weeks ago at Street Fight Summit, we raised a little controversy around the degree of hype versus disruptiveness of voice search to the hyperlocal economy. Street Fight believes voice search is a critical…

    Street Fightin Paid Search How To's- 20 readers -
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