Christmas Jumpers

A Christmas jumper, or Christmas sweater, is an often knitted top pulled on over the head to cover the torso that is themed with a Christmas or winter-style design. They have had a resurgence in popularity during the 2010s, with both high-street and designer brands producing them.
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  • December 2014 Income Report | Month #18 | + $12,645.32 PROFIT

    … which is about 1.2k in revenue alone which is awesome. The audience size is 10 million+ so needless to say it’s a killer campaign. I’m expecting at least 2,000 sales at $20 per sale, ($40k), out of which a good 20k should be profit. Increasing Profits with Jumpers Christmas time was great for a lot of Teespringers that found success in Christmas…

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    … in Christmas jumpers performing a routine to a remixed dubstep version of Tchaikovsky’s “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.” The decidedly low-fi effort is shot from the point of view of a hand-held camera in a community hall, making it look as it it were just another funny viral video. Judging by its reception so far, it might help restore its image and sell…

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