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  • Facebook’s Best Hacks of 2015

    … Facebook’s famous hackathons have spawned many a new product and feature, and emerging markets product manager Chris Marra looked back at the social network’s favorite hacks of 2015. Marra said in a blog post: Every year, we host a number of hackathons across the globe, where teams come together for a few days to brainstorm, build for fun…

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  • How to Copy Another Site’s CSS Using Chrome Developer Tools

    … of CopyBlogger can attest to this as she’s my resident CSS pooper scooper! My site runs on their Rainmaker platform, and if anything can be broken I. Will. Find. A. Way. Chrome Developer Tools to the Rescue But one feature in Chrome Developer Tools that has totally saved me has been its Styles tab. You can select any element on a page while…

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  • A Short and Sweet Guide to Mobile Device Preview Tools

    … found them to be relatively accurate or completely wrong? Let us know if you’ve caught eye of any other preview mode tools. Related posts: Charlie’s Quick Fire Reading List #8: Tools, Tools all the Tools… And One Cheeky Blog Post Google AdWords Advert Preview Tool The Best Things In Life Are Free: Free Tools The Attacats Couldn’t Live Without …

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