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  • Facebook’s Best Hacks of 2015

    … Facebook’s famous hackathons have spawned many a new product and feature, and emerging markets product manager Chris Marra looked back at the social network’s favorite hacks of 2015. Marra said in a blog post: Every year, we host a number of hackathons across the globe, where teams come together for a few days to brainstorm, build for fun…

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  • How to Copy Another Site’s CSS Using Chrome Developer Tools

    … Have you ever come across something formatted in a cool way on a site and wondered how they accomplished it, so you could something like it on your site? Now let’s get really honest? Do you have hacked up CSS skills like mine? I am constantly breaking things on my site because I (quite literally) know just enough to be dangerous. Jessica Frick…

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  • A Short and Sweet Guide to Mobile Device Preview Tools

    … With mobile devices gobbling up ever more of the internet browsing marketplace, it’s growing ever more important to ensure that your site behaves nicely across a range of screen sizes and browsers. Here’s a short and sweet run-down of a handful of helpful mobile preview tools to give you a quick idea of how your site is doing: Chrome Developer…

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