Chrome Developer Tools

  • Facebook’s Best Hacks of 2015

    … for profile pictures in support of the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage, which was developed in just 72 hours. Stetho, a debugging platform for Android that gives developers access to the Web-based Chrome Developer Tools. Boomerang, the stand-alone application from Instagram that converts groups of photos into high-quality videos…

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  • How to Copy Another Site’s CSS Using Chrome Developer Tools

    … of CopyBlogger can attest to this as she’s my resident CSS pooper scooper! My site runs on their Rainmaker platform, and if anything can be broken I. Will. Find. A. Way. Chrome Developer Tools to the Rescue But one feature in Chrome Developer Tools that has totally saved me has been its Styles tab. You can select any element on a page while…

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  • A Short and Sweet Guide to Mobile Device Preview Tools

    … With mobile devices gobbling up ever more of the internet browsing marketplace, it’s growing ever more important to ensure that your site behaves nicely across a range of screen sizes and browsers. Here’s a short and sweet run-down of a handful of helpful mobile preview tools to give you a quick idea of how your site is doing: Chrome Developer…

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