Chrome Developer Tools

  • Facebook’s Best Hacks of 2015

    … or craft innovative solutions to sticky problems. The passion people have for the ideas generated in this space outside of their daily work results in everything from new products to open-source tools for the developer community. Here are a few of our favorite features that have hackathon roots and that debuted in 2015. The hacks highlighted by Marra…

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  • How to Copy Another Site’s CSS Using Chrome Developer Tools

    … of CopyBlogger can attest to this as she’s my resident CSS pooper scooper! My site runs on their Rainmaker platform, and if anything can be broken I. Will. Find. A. Way. Chrome Developer Tools to the Rescue But one feature in Chrome Developer Tools that has totally saved me has been its Styles tab. You can select any element on a page while…

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  • A Short and Sweet Guide to Mobile Device Preview Tools

    … Tools Good for all sorts of interesting tasks, Chrome’s Dev tools enable you to do everything from seeing what cookies are on the page to tweaking page styles on the fly. There’s also a handy mobile web preview tool that you can use to get a sneak peek of how a site looks on common operating systems and devices: Responsive Preview Bookmarklets…

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